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Often photographed in public by the paparazzi, celebrities face criticisms whenever they do not look their best. Fortunately, their money can afford the best hairstylists so that they can avoid ending up in the “worst” list. You do not have to be an A-list celebrity to have a knock-out hairstyle. Some of the good things that celebrities do with their hair, you can do with your own hair, too.


Before Halle Berry sported a short pixie, she experimented on different types of hairstyles. She wore her hair medium or long, sleek or wavy, in ponytail or updos; however, many will remember her for her pixie hair cut, which showed her facial features well. Demi Moore went from her 1980s big curls to a short crop cut she wore in the 1990s movie “Ghost.” Then, she transformed her hair into a long, straight, sleek hairstyle. Changing your hairstyle to something new will give you an updated look that you will be proud to wear. Choose the style that will work well with your facial features and type of hair.

Get Your Best Hair Color

To get the best hair color, gauge your current hair color if what you’re wearing is not your natural hair color, according to “Marie Claire Magazine.” The magazine also reports that you should never make your hair more than two shades darker or lighter at a time. Choose the hair color that will complement your complexion and your eye color. Go neutral if you want to play safe. Remember that whatever hair color you choose should look good whether you’ll go to a party, church, school or work. Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne wear outrageous and crazy hair colors as part of the identity they want to portray. If you want to copy them, do so by not losing your identity in the process.

Keep Your Hair Healthy

Angelina Jolie has healthy and strong locks because she maintains them well. She uses hydrating cream and other beneficial hair products to keep her hair shiny, frizz-free and beautiful. A healthy diet that is rich with vitamins can help keep your hair healthy. Take vitamin supplements that promote hair growth, such as vitamin B6, biotin, inositol and folic acid.

Camouflage a Bad Hair Day

Celebrities are not perfect–they are just like everybody else. They may wake up one morning with a bad hair day. To get through this dilemma, they camouflage their hair until rescue comes. A messy updo or a ponytail can do wonders in keeping celebrities looking great even when their hair is misbehaving. They also use bandannas, scarves, headbands and fashionable hats as accessories to cover hairstyle blunders.

Learn to Style Your Hair

Even with their millions, some celebrities love to style their own hair. During an interview with Celebrity Beauty Buzz, Jessica Alba says that she creates her beachy hairstyle by using hydrating shampoo, and then applying leave-in conditioner while her hair is damp. She wraps her hair into a bun until it dries. Loosening her hair after it dries gives her a bouncy and beachy wave.

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