How to Make Simple Birthday Party Favors


You’ve spend weeks planning every detail of your child’s upcoming birthday party–from the theme and location to the guest list and menu. Don’t forget about the party favors. Party favors serve as a “thank you” to party guests who come to share your child’s birthday. Common favors include candy, small toys from discount stores and stuffed animals. Consider creating a theme-appropriate coloring book as a simple, educational favor for your child’s next birthday.

Step 1

Count the number of children who returned RSVPs to attend your child’s party.

Step 2

Consider the theme of your child’s birthday party to come up with ideas for a coloring book you can create at-home or at a local print shop.

Step 3

Search for coloring book pages to fit your theme on websites, such as Scholastic, Coloring Book Fun, Free Coloring Pages, Crayola, DLTK’s Growing Together and EduPics.

Step 4

Select at least 20 coloring pages to include in your child’s birthday party coloring book. Let your child help you make the final selection.

Step 5

Use 8.5-by-11 inch recycled paper to print the pages using an ink-jet printer. Make enough copies of the coloring pages for each child who plans to attend the party. Avoid wasting paper by using both the back and front of each page.

Step 6

Use a word-processing program like Microsoft Word or a design program like Adobe InDesign to create a cover for the coloring book. Include the date of the party and your child’s name on the front cover. Add a picture on the front cover that represents the theme of the party or a picture of your child.

Step 7

Print one cover and have your child color it using crayons or colored pencils. Use a color photocopier machine to make enough copies for each party guest.

Step 8

Arrange the cover page, coloring pages and a blank sheet at the end to serve as a back for the coloring book. Use a hole punch to create a hole on the top left of the book and a hole on the bottom left of the book. Use ribbon or twine to connect the pages together at each hole.

Step 9

Pair each coloring book with an eight-pack box of crayons. Use ribbon or twine to connect the two, or purchase small, colorful tote bags for each child attending the party.

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