Birthday Party Ideas for 6-Year-Olds


A birthday party for your 6-year-old child may be his biggest yet. Since he’s probably started school and will have made some friends, plan a party big enough to accommodate a classroom full of guests. Keep the party going by planning plenty of games and activities that kindergartners or first-graders can handle.


Pick a theme to make planning the rest of the party a breeze. Theme options include activities your child enjoys or his favorite television or cartoon characters. Choose a theme that is time-tested and not something your child might magically lose interest in by the time the party rolls around. For instance, if he one day says he loves a new show but also loves riding his bike, you may want to choose bicycles as the theme rather than risk choosing something he may lose interest in.


Once you have a theme for the party, choosing activities or games for it is almost already done for you. If you go with an art theme, obvious party activities include having the guests color, paint, make beaded jewelry or play with clay. A bicycle-themed party can feature bike races. Choosing activities that correspond to a television or movie theme may be a bit more difficult. You may want to stick with basic party games, such as pin the tail on the donkey or musical chairs, but give them a twist, such as pin the tail on My Little Pony, to fit into the theme.


You can really go all out with decorations for a child’s 6th birthday party. Distribute party hats to each guest, and hang streamers and balloons that say “Happy Birthday” or have an image that relates to the theme printed on them. Use printed paper plates, napkins and cups to serve food. Other decorations for a 6-year-old’s birthday party include a pinata that matches the theme, posters and inflatable decorations.


You probably want to keep the food choices simple at a 6-year-old’s birthday party. Stick with the basic birthday cake or cupcakes and ice cream for sweets. Provide a few snacks for the children to munch on while the birthday child opens her presents. You may want to stick with healthier options, such as chopped raw vegetables and dip, fruit pieces and pretzels instead of cheese curls or potato chips.

Party Favors

No child’s party is complete without little trinkets for the guests to take home. Choose the favors based on the theme. Give out small bicycle license plates with the guests’ names on them at a bike-themed party or a small watercolor set at an arty party. Stickers, candy necklaces and plastic rings or bracelets are also good party favors that can go with any theme.



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