Crazy Halloween Costume Ideas

Crazy costumes are those that get people to laugh, do a double-take and remember the costume long after Halloween. Whether homemade or store-bought, such a costume can be as elaborate or as simple as you’d like. Some costume ideas will take more planning than others, but they will be well worth the time invested to see the reaction from others.

The Ghost of Elvis

Since his death, stories of seeing Elvis Presley’s ghost have become common. You can use this fascination with Elvis and his death as a Halloween costume inspiration. To become Elvis’ ghost, wear a traditional Elvis costume. Then, make any exposed skin, such as your hands and face, pale or white with makeup to give yourself a ghostly appearance.

Parrot with a Pirate

Make a switch of the common pirate with a parrot on the shoulder costume by dressing as a parrot and wearing a pirate on your shoulder. For a simple parrot costume, dress in all green and attach feather boas to your clothes as the parrot’s feathers. Many costume shops will have bird beaks for the final parrot costume touch. Purchase a pirate doll from the toy store and secure him to your shoulder.

Creepy Children’s Characters

This costume idea is certainly not for young children, but older kids and adults can have fun with it. Turn what normally is a sweet children’s character, such as a princess, Mickey Mouse or other popularly known character, into something scary. Paint your face and hands as you would for a zombie, witch or ghost costume while wearing the children’s character costume. For full effect, you can rip the costume to look all the more creepy and crazy.

Pregnant Costumes

Being pregnant can give you an advantage when creating a crazy costume. Use your baby belly as part of the costume by painting it as a pumpkin, softball, bowling ball, the sun, watermelon or fish tank and wear a shirt with a large hole cut out to show off your “costume.” Another option is to go as someone who isn’t supposed to be pregnant, such as a prom queen, nun, cheerleader or bride.



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