How to Throw a Great Halloween Party


Plan a Halloween party that your guests won’t soon forget. A great party is more than simply having enough food and drinks for your guests. A great party has the right atmosphere and a certain something that sets it apart from the rest, such as an interesting or unusual theme or a custom cocktail.

Step 1

Choose a theme for the party. For instance, you can throw an Evil Scientist party, where you serve beverages in beakers and decorate the party room to resemble a lab. You could also throw a 19th century Gothic party.

Step 2

Prepare and send out invitations. Mail paper invitations or invite guests online. It may be best to send the invitations at the beginning of October, rather than a week or two in advance, so that guests have time to plan and purchase their costumes.

Step 3

Decorate according to the theme, or if there is no theme, with common Halloween items. Set up an arrangement of pumpkins and gourds as a centerpiece. If you are using a Gothic theme, dry flowers and place them in vases and place candelabras on the table. Trade regular light bulbs in for red or blue party lights and hang a string or two of orange lights.

Step 4

Encourage guests to come in costume and award prizes for the best ones. If you want guests to come in costumes that match the theme, make sure you let them know and structure the prizes around the theme. For instance, for an Evil Scientist-themed party, you can have a “Most Likely to Take Over the World” costume prize.

Step 5

Serve Halloween themed food, such as bloody hot dog “fingers,” marshmallow ghosts and other types of candy. Also, serve seasonal items, such as pumpkin cookies, pumpkin seeds and apples. Have fun cocktails and spiked bloody punch for adults as well as apple cider.

Step 6

Play a few games at the party, no matter the age of the guests. Bobbing for apples is a classic fall or Halloween activity. If the crowd consists of older children and adults, try playing a murder mystery game, where guests role play and try to solve a murder.



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