Adventure Travel Packing List


While some travelers head off on their adventures with little more than the clothes on their backs, most prefer to carry a bit more luggage. They want to ensure that they are prepared for whatever complications the trip may present. Before hitting the road on your adventure-filled trip, spend some time selecting and packing your travel necessities to ensure that you are equipped to handle whatever your adventures may bring.

Travel Documentation

Take your basic identification with you when you head off on your trip. You want to ensure you have evidence of your identity, address and age. If you believe your adventures may lead you out of the country, also pack your passport as you will not be able to cross the border without this document.


Stow all tickets or passes that you have purchased for your adventure in a safe place, tucking them away in an interior pocket of your book bag or placing them in a secure money pouch to ensure that they don’t go missing.

Camping Gear

If a few nights out under the stars are on your travel agenda, pack a tent, sleeping bag, fire-starting tools and basic outdoor cooking gear. Pack only what you are sure that you will need on this outdoor adventure, as you don’t want to bog yourself down with unnecessary extras.

Comfy Shoes

Sore footsies can ruin a great trip. Keep your feet feeling fine by packing at least two pairs of comfortable shoes. Don’t attempt to break in some new kicks while on your trip, as blistered or chafed feet could spell adventure disaster.

First Aid Kit

Pack a basic first aid kit containing the supplies necessary to deal with minor cuts and bruises as well as basic medications, such as pain reliever and motion sickness tablets. If you have specialized health needs, carefully pack your requisite medications to ensure that you don’t run out of them while on vacation.

Guide Books

Pack sources of information, like guide books, to consult while on your adventure. Select books based upon your planned adventure sites. For example, if you are planning to spend time hiking through the woods, select books with information on the plants and animals that you might encounter. Similarly, if you are heading to a major city, select travel books with information about these busy metropolis streets so that you can navigate them more effectively.

Basic Toiletries

While you do want to take the basic toiletry necessities, you don’t want to overload your bag with lotions and potions. Instead, only take soap, a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner, shaving supplies and deodorant.

Multi-Climate Clothing

Prepare for an assortment of weather conditions by packing clothing appropriate for both hot and cold climates. If you are trying to pack light, take only a few changes of clothing. Plan to launder your garments while out on your adventure.



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