Time: Is it your Friend or Foe?


The best way to be friendly with Father Time is to forget about him.



The more I become acquainted with the concept of time, the less I want to be friends. When we focus on time we lose the most precious moment in time, now. In terms of time, we are never where we want to be next, we are never satisfied; we feel the enormity of lack. Not only that, when we concentrate on time we can become stuck in the past. Re-playing, re-living all that no longer is. We are not our past, we are now. In this very moment we are whole.

When we play the what-if future games in our mind, we basically succumb to the mind’s insanity. Recognizing that is the best way to propel yourself back into the present moment. In the present moment life slows down, and is more peaceful and fulfilling.

Focusing on time means your life passes you by much more quickly. If you want to enjoy your life more completely, say farewell to Father Time and use it only as much as you absolutely need to in order to function in life. Take a leap of faith and immerse yourself wholeheartedly in your present activity. You are nowhere else but where you are right now. Give time little attention and use it only when you really need it.

Practicing removing the ever ticking clock allows creativity to flow through you more freely. It allows love to emerge from you more deeply. It opens your mind and soul, creating space for more good to come in.

I think the best way to stretch out time is to pay as little attention to it as you can. In this sense, age really does become only a number. You are lighter and younger on the inside, which will shine through to your outer physical self.

The less you pay attention to time, the more you become conscious of right now- this very moment, where you will find more peace, pleasure and happiness. Living in the future or past means paying too much attention to time. As often as I can, I try to think only about right now. Problems, fear, and worries fade away when you do that, leaving more space for joy.


The inspiration for this post came after reading Living Longer by Stretching Psychological Time by Scott H Young

Please share your thoughts! What do you think about the concept of time? Do you find time helpful, a hindrance, or both?



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