Unleash Your Inner Goddess!


My grandmother used to share the pearl that a woman needs to marry a man who loves her just a little bit more than she loves him because a woman goes through so many more physical changes in her lifetime. The changes women experience are phased around the reproductive life cycle – menstrual cycle, pregnancy(ies), menopause, post-menopause. These changes wreck havoc on women’s hormones, sexual organs and physical, emotional and psychological being.

Gee, your man better love you!

Mighty Aphrodite

I believe one source of a female’s strength is her inner Aphrodite – beauty, love and sexuality. Yet somewhere this power gets minimized and confused with the masculine trait of strength. It seems like a modern woman’s strength lies more in her ability to multi-task, problem solve and grocery shop than in her being a sex goddess.

Goddess Energy

The ancient Greeks believed that the Greek Gods and Goddesses walked in plain sight among us mere mortals. Gods and humans even procreated!

It seems blasphemous, but I wonder if the eligible Bachelor Gods are anything like our modern men?

We stress about being desirable for our men but could you imagine the pressure of competing with Goddesses and being desirable to men and Gods alike! Could you imagine bearing the child of a God? Um, I could. Like most mothers, I see my children as the second coming.

So once upon time, the Gods lived among men. I would argue that Goddesses still do. I say forget being a princess and bring on the Goddess energy.

Ultimate Creators

The source of the Gods and Goddesses powers lie in their ability to create or control something – war (Ares), oceans (Poseidon), music (Apollo), marriage (Hera), fertility (Bendis), birth (Artemis), etc. you name it there’s a deity for it. As women are the ultimate creators, there are Goddesses all around us. A woman’s natural ability to procreate is a fierce source of power. We take great strides to preserve our bodies and be sexy. Could you imagine Aphrodite fretting over a bad hair day? To some, feeling sexy means wearing stilettos, a lacy negligee, turning on the right music or setting the lights down very low. For others, the passing of time helps us evolve into our sexual prowess.

Between the Sheets

What happens when the mom jeans come off?

If you’re like most moms, you peel the pressures of your day off with your mom jeans and look forward to hitting the hay and well, catching those few precious minutes of sleep. Maintaining your sexual nature takes work…particularly when battling your body’s life cycle. Since men are chartered on a rather linear course and a woman’s sexual cycle ebbs and flows it takes commitment from both partners to keep your time together divine indeed. Tonight — unleash your inner goddess!

About the Author

Cynthia Litman is a working modern mom with a classic twist. She has two delicious children and is the spiritual and visionary guide of Mommas Pearls. Cynthia began Momma’s Pearls in 2009 when her grandparents passed away as an outlet to remember and pass down their wisdom and integrate it into the quickly passing moments with her young family. Cynthia is also an entertainment lawyer with a niche in spiritual entertainment. Her firm Cynthia R. Litman, Esq., PLLC caters to the spiritual entertainment market. She is a founding partner of The Spiritual Cinema Circle (www.spiritualcinemacircle.com), a DVD club for spiritual films, Executive Producer of the Independent films “Lost In Sunshine” and “Boost”, production attorney for “Conversations With God” (film based upon the books by Neale Donald Walsch) and distribution attorney for Debbie Ford’s documentary film “The Shadow Effect” and Nicole Clark’s documentary film “Cover Girl Culture”.

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