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My son and daughter-in-law have been doing a boot camp of their own making and they look terrific. They are exercising with Brooke Burke workout videos and alternating every other day with Yoga. While I was visiting I joined them for a session, I mean, really, how hard can it be?  Let me just say…Brooke is extremely fit and it is inconceivable to me that she could have 4 kids and still look that good.

I thought I was going to collapse during the workout but I stuck it out. I guess I didn’t realize how seriously unfit I have become.  I also hadn’t anticipated how I would feel the next day.  I was so stiff that the mere motion of rising from a seated position was like climbing Mt. Everest.  The next morning I lurched stiffly down the stairs, stifling a whimper and gripping the handrail for dear life.  However, something inextricable happened to me during that work out…. I got motivated!!!  I borrowed Transform your Body and trundled back to Canada.

Day one was unbelievably hard for me but I was determined. Day 2 harder still. I get to the abs and I feel like someone has put a car on my stomach and I can’t move……….  Holding my legs in the air is agony and they are shaking so much I look like I am having some kind of seizure!  Through the torment I kept hearing Brooke say things like “stay with me I couldn’t do this when I first started” and that ever annoying “you have to work hard to see results.”

During the dead bug I lay there wishing I WAS dead so I didn’t have to face the next moves, more ab-crunching … stay with me she quips it’s almost done!  Easy for her to say! Also, I didn’t have any dumbbells so I grabbed the first thing I saw, a couple of dusty tiki statues left over from some distant Hawaiian holiday.  Sometimes you have to improvise… I’m glad no one was there to see this or frankly any of it.  Trust me this is not a pretty sight.  Picture a 60 year old out of shape female sweating, swearing, grunting and stumbling around in a basement. My pathetic moaning and groaning was annoying my husband.  When it was time to do a floor stretch Brooke daintily does a back curtsy and sinks elegantly to the floor.  I, on the other hand lumbered down like a baby ox and crashed landed with a loud grunt.  Hey I got there didn’t I?

Day 4 comes along and it didn’t seem quite so long and I wasn’t quite so stiff.  Lets not kid myself; I was still stiff, just not so much.

Day 5 …miracle …did the workout, got through most of it. Not stiff.

Day 6   another miracle…. I was actually looking forward to it!

Day 7   New goal…sink to the floor without rupturing my tailbone.

Day 8   Worked hard, sweated hard.  Hair seriously wet.

Day 9   More hard work. Hair looking really bad at end.

Day 10  did the whole work out, every bit of it! So proud of myself.

Day 11   There is a God.  Got through the workout again.

Day 12   Whole work out no modifications!


On non-workout days I walk, do yoga, or go for a bike ride.
I feel like a million bucks!
Motivation courtesy of Daughter-In-Law Wendy and Brooke!!  Thanks!

Dead Bug



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