Beauty Secrets of Japanese Women


Many Americans consider Japanese women as possessing great beauty, especially when it comes to their skin and hair. Not only are Japanese women well groomed and gorgeous, the Japanese tend to be trendsetters. It’s no wonder American women want to know their secrets. You may be discouraged to learn that Japanese women spend three hours every morning doing their hair and makeup, says Naho Moriyama, “Marie Claire” Japan’s beauty chief on the “Marie Claire” website. Even so, time-crunched American women still might want to learn some of the secrets to determine which ones can work for them.

Staying Slim

Japanese women are petite and slim. They accomplish this by taking in fewer calories than the average American does — 2,700 calories compared to a typical American diet of 3,700 calories. Japanese women control their portion size and place their food on tiny plates to make it seem as if they are getting more. And Japanese women flavor their food to give it richness using dashi, a stock made from boiled kelp or dried fish. If you’ve eaten miso soup, you are probably familiar with dashi.

Boosting Metabolism

Taking a hot bath increases circulation and boosts metabolism. Traditionally, the Japanese soaked in hot springs. You can take a 100 degree F bath or soak in your hot tub.

Young-Looking Skin

The Japanese philosophy on anti-aging is opposite of the American version. U.S. women exfoliate and peel in an effort to get rid of the wrinkles and dark spots. The Japanese believe this outer layer protects against wrinkles and harmful pollutants in the air. Therefore, they want to keep their skin’s outer layer intact, so they use products that soften and protect this layer, rather than remove it. Some of the products can be quite unusual, like the bird poop facial some Japanese women swear by. That’s right, some Japanese women scrub their face with nightingale droppings every morning and evening. This bird’s poop contains an enzyme that brightens dull skin. Japanese women also apply heavy-duty sunscreen and foundation every day, no matter how humid it is outdoors. Collagen is nature’s way of keeping skin soft and youthful. In America, women rub collagen-infused lotion on their face or inject it in wrinkled areas. The Japanese eat and drink it. Collagen-infused foods and drinks are the preferred method Japanese women use to get their collagen.


You know that Japanese women have beautiful, long, straight hair. But, many Asian women were not born with this mane. Some have wavy hair that they straighten. Japanese hair straightening changes the natural texture of the hair by using chemical creams and alternating shampooing, heating, blowing out the hair and then flat ironing over and over until the hair is retextured. When done, your hair should be shiny, sleek and smooth, lasting for four to six months.



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