Happy 2nd Birthday Little Sister! (Part 2)


My apologies! I broke this post up into 2 parts because I have no idea what I am doing was having technical difficulties.

Be sure to check out Part 1 first
Happy 2nd Birthday Little Sister! (Part 1)


Little Sister was having much more fun watching all the kids than looking at the animals, so I helped her decide on a very cute bunny.


In fact, she was so delighted with eating the lolly pop she had received and watching the people that Mommy had to help (completely do it myself!) pick out an adorable outfit for her bunny. I must say that was a lot of fun for me! And when the girls working at the store were talking amongst themselves about what a cute combination it was and why they hadn’t thought of it, I was secretly patting myself on the back ;-D

When we got home we continued the celebration with chocolate cupcakes and strawberry frosting, with a gummy bear on top to go with the Teddy Bear theme.



We all had a lot of fun!

Here is the birthday girl herself enjoying her presents in her new chair.

Just her size!

? Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!! ?

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week! Can’t wait to see you next week :-D














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