The Importance of Alone Time


"Once in a while you have to take a break and visit yourself."
                                                                 – Audrey Giorgi

In this fast paced busy world we live in we spend so much time running around, working, filling up our time and space, avoiding ourselves by constantly doing and not leaving enough space for alone time. It’s important to make space in our lives to go within. It’s in this time alone that we cantruly reflect, contemplate and find clarity. Just like a bear that hibernates during the winter months so that he can emerge fresh and renewed in the spring.

This holiday season I had an opportunity to do just that. Let me tell you … not the most comfortable; however it was probably one of the most transformative times in my life! I was supposed to go away but weather and some financial obligations prevented me from leaving town. So here I sat all alone, my clients were all gone so there was no work to distract me and I didn’t have any extra money to spend. I had made a commitment to stay here and use this time to create and work on some projects that I didn’t have the time or space to finish. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with some undistracted time.

The holidays can be a hard time for a lot of people. There were a few days where I felt so totally alone. I experienced a loneliness I don’t think I had ever felt before in my whole life. It was in this intense loneliness that I cracked open. I began feeling things I haven’t allowed myself to feel before. I always thought I was taking time alone; but now I realize I wasn’t. I was just recharging my batteries but not fully dropping in. There was always the phone, work, clients , friends, TV, my blackberry, emails, boys and Facebook to distract me.

This time, I had nowhere to run, as everything was taken away from me. I was forced to sit and be with my own uncomfortable feelings. When I dropped in and surrendered to it, I began to see what was underneath. I felt instability in all areas of my life and felt the fear that came from it. It was in going there that I found clarity and focus for what I needed to do to be able to move forward and create the life I truly desire.

Like my teacher Michele Meiche ( says, “I went deep into the volcano and got tossed out anew." Even as uncomfortable as those few days were it was actually a true blessing and a gift! I would do it all over again to get to where I am right now! So, if you have been feeling some underlying anxiety or feelings of unrest, maybe it’s time to go within and visit yourself? 



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