No More Shouting Please

One area of parenting that I have decided to work on is shouting. I don’t like when I shout at my kids. It creates an unpleasant environment and that is not what I want in our home.

There are times it is all too easy to shout. Figuring out the times it usually occurs is important in making a conscious effort to change things. After thinking about it I have figured out the times when I shout the most are when my kids are upstairs and I can hear them doing something they shouldn’t be, and it is very easy for me to shout up to them to STOP whatever it is. Sometimes I am not even yelling at them when I shout upstairs, but I don’t feel good about that either.

The other time I tend to shout is when I get really frustrated because my kids are not listening, or purposely ignoring me because they don’t like what I am telling them. When I shout at them I know in my heart it is not a good choice.

The beautiful thing about our homes is that we do have the choice to make it whatever environment we want it to be. It is after all our home. Shouting is not an atmosphere I want to create. I wonder if I stop shouting, will my kids be less likely to shout as well? I’m sure there will still be times they do because they are kids. Also, I know I will most likely slip up because being a parent is not easy, but I truly believe if I make a conscious effort not to resort to shouting I can change things for the better for our entire family.

Recently, Patty reminded me of an extraordinary quote by Ghandi “be the change you wish to see in the world". I think it can also be broken down on a smaller level to ‘be the change you wish to see in your home’. Leading by example is far more powerful and effective than simply telling your family what to do.

Have an incredible weekend friends full of tender moments!

When you shout how does it make you feel?




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