When The People You Love Change


Do we hold back who we really are because of what others expect of us?

There is something calming about familiarity in loved ones. What happens when our expectations hinder the journey of those we love?

We expect people to act or react how we are used to in the past. The truth is none of us are our past any longer. Granting each other freedom to grow, freedom from preconceived notions of who we think they are, freedom to be different from the past. This freedom is a tremendous act of love.

Think of things you used to like or dislike in the past. How have some of them changed? Maybe you like a certain type of food you never thought you’d try. Or a type of music you once renounced. It could be that your passions have changed, or expanded. Who we are is constantly changing, constantly growing. That is the beautiful and surprising thing about life.

We especially have a hard time with accepting the change of family members. We try to keep them in the same mental box we placed them in years ago. Let your family members know you accept and love who they are today, and who they will become tomorrow.

Release expectations and grant your loved ones freedom to continuously grow and change.


“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” – Charles Darwin



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