What I Learned from Oprah at O You! 2011
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What I Learned from Oprah at O You! 2011


Trying to sum up what I learned from Oprah at O You! feels like an overwhelming task. Oprah has taught me, and continues to teach me, so much it is hard to know where to begin. What I know for sure is the world is blessed to have Oprah in it, and as Gayle King so nicely said once in an interview, “as Oprah rises to the top she reaches out her hand to help others up.” Just a few minutes of listening to Oprah and you feel like you can change the world and most importantly, yourself!

The main topic of Oprah’s speech at O You! was What I Know For Sure. I encourage you to read The Top 20 Things Oprah Knows For Sure here:  http://www.oprah.com/spirit/The-Top-20-Things-Oprah-Knows-for-Sure

There you will find great wisdom and inspiration that come from a place of truth.

What I’d like to share with you today are both words and ideas that deeply moved me during Oprah’s O You! 2011 speech. Not everything you will read here is an exact quote; some things are a direct quote and some of it is paraphrased. What I hope is that you will be able to take this celebrated knowledge and wisdom and apply it to your own life, so that you can live your best life!





Inspirational Words & Notes from Oprah at O You! 2011

Growing & Knowing Who You Are

“In God I live, I move, I breathe, I am.”

“Know who you are. Stand in the truth of who you are. That knowingness disrupts everyone else’s stuff.”

“Knowing who you are is the difference between going up and staying where you are.”

“In spirit we are all the same.”

“Let go, and step out of this. Start right now to continue to grow. Living is about growth!”


The Importance of Searching Within

A confirmation: Get still, be still, and know that I am God.

Daily Meditation

Oprah’s office now takes 2-20 minute breaks every day at 9:00am and 5:30pm to meditate. “It has changed the way we relate to each other.” This quiet and stillness gives them room to come to the true space within.

Me Time

To a busy Mom who struggles finding Me Time, Oprah suggested she get up 30 minutes earlier than her normal 6:15 a.m. She said to “Get out of bed and go sit somewhere alone with yourself.” Getting up the extra 30 minutes earlier says, I care enough about connecting with you [God or source energy] to get up and do that.”

Busy moms start out your day doing this because at the end of the day you are exhausted!

“Feel the presence that is within you.”


Making a Difference

In regards to a question from a young girl in television who aspires to reach millions of people to make a difference, Oprah asked her,

“Do you want the millions or do you want the work?”

This moved me and reminded me of the importance of coming from a space of truth, the real importance behind your life’s work, and your purpose.

Your job is to get into the flow of your life’s purpose. You must love the work.

How can you make a difference?

Oprah says, “Start making a difference in your own home!” A beautiful line of wisdom and a crucial piece of advice we so often overlook. It reminds me of how often our focus is outside of the home, when we have the power to change the lives of those most important to us with our love and attention.

“How you choose to live. How you move forward in grace.”



A-ha Moments

Oprah also calls A-ha moments God winks. Love that!!!

Oprah’s Biggest A-ha Moment

“That I always was worthy.”

“You are worthy because you are born.”



Being Treated Badly

When Oprah found herself being treated badly, in past relationships and experience, she asked herself ( and God), “What is it I’m not getting?”

Oprah explained, being treated badly: that’s on you, that’s all about you.

There is a lesson needing to be learned- the lesson of your self-worth, the lesson that YOU ARE WORTHY!

God is waiting on you.




“Forgiveness for yourself is the way to move forward.”

It is “holy and sacred.”



Seeing Oprah live was a dream come true, a bucket list, and it doesn’t end here…

Be sure to catch Oprah Monday – Friday 8/7c on OWN for Lifeclass where she shares more of her many great life lessons from 25 years of the Oprah Show! She goes live online for one more hour every Friday night after Lifeclass at 9/8c.

Thank you, Oprah from the bottom of my heart, from my soul! ?

Thank you, friends for both supporting and teaching me!


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