Brooke Burke: “Just Another Manic Monday”

6:00am – Wake up four grumpy kids. The hubby is out of town,
so no help in the house.
Trying to do my best super-mom impression, I whip up some
egg white zucchini omelets on sliced whole wheat bread with provolone cheese
for two of my kids. Then make the other two fried eggs with 2-inch sliced
buttered toast – and it must be EXACTLY two inches thick for picky Shaya. 
6:30am – #MomFailure – Gourmet breakfast goes in the
garbage. Kids rejected it and opted for cereal to go.
6:45am – Four lunches crammed into lunchboxes.
7:00am - Time to put on my chauffeur hat and off to school
we go!

7:05am – On the way out the door, Shaya steps on his
favorite truck and manages a full-on collision with a bowl of cereal. Nothing
like the smell of spilled milk!

7:40am – We’re now late for three different school drop-offs
and – bonus – I’ve got a hormonal, ungrateful teenager riding shotgun. 

8:30am – Swing by the office for ModernMom’s Monday morning
editorial meeting.

10:00am - Board a school bus with 44 first-graders. Got my
chaperone name tag in place and we’re off to the Natural History Museum. Looks
like it’s sing-along time!

Noon - Lunch in Ziploc baggies on a wet lawn surrounded by
smiles and beautiful company with one very happy Rain.

2:00pm – Stop in at Williams-Sonoma to do some cutlery
shopping. If only there was a search and rescue service for all the silverware
my family has lost! I guess it’s my bad for allowing meals on the go.

2:30pm – Hit the market for dinner supplies (4th grocery
store trip this week) and a cuppa joe to fight afternoon burnout. Buying less, keeping
it fresh – but way too many trips.

3:00-4:30pm – Second shift, making the carpool rounds.

4:30pm – Back at home with 30 minutes to spare. Whip up a
family favorite – Magic Meat – for when we get back. [Brooke's Magic Meat Recipe]

5:00pm - Pilates class with my oldest daughter.  Barely enough energy to get there but we
powered through and we kept our commitment to each other.

6:15pm - Back home, grab a shower (finally), stuff hair in a
towel turban for family dinner. Dish it out, no time to taste it but love the
precious minutes of family time to reconnect. Surprise dinner guest – Shaya’s
stuffed Sloey the Sloth.

7:15pm – Doing hair, putting on make-up and throwing
together an outfit while helping Shaya with his homework assignment:
chronicling and illustrating Sloey the Sloth’s dinner experience. At the same
time, running downstairs to help Rain with her homework because she doesn’t
understand that Kindergarten artwork takes precedence over everything.

7:45pm – David walks in the door after a two-day business
trip. Quick peck, “hi honey, bye honey” and off to date night with
Tom Bergeron. What’s wrong with this picture?

Phew! My day was jam-packed but I enjoyed every minute. When
it comes to family and love, it’s a “pleasure to serve.” (Although on
days like today, I can really relate to “Killing Off Supermom” 

We’ve all been there and trust me, venting helps. Share the
details of your craziest, most manic day last week – cereal spills and all – in
the comments. I’ll be reading and I promise to commiserate!     



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