10 Rules For Successful Re-Gifting


Re-gifting used to be taboo. It was the sort of thing you would never do, or at least never admit to doing. But due to the great recession we have become increasingly more time crunched and more thoughtful about over-spending. It only makes sense that with these changes in our lives, we have also seen a change in our philosophy toward re-gifting. The stigma has lessened and the act of re-gifting has become more commonplace and necessary.

$50K For A Three-Year-Old’s Birthday Party!?


Lately, weve been on the birthday circuit. Today was a 2-year-olds Thomas-the-Train celebration, tomorrow is a 3-year-old pony riding extravaganza, and next weekend 6-year-old twins are celebrating with a gymnastics party. I love birthday parties. When Ava gets invited, it reassures me that she is popular and I can look forward to eating the piece of cake she decapitates by furiously licking away the frosting. Everyone wins. With all these parties on our calendar, I have to take a list with me to Target just to remind me of the presents I need to buy that month. But a $15 Barbie is a small price to pay for popularity and it beats the cost of child therapy, which I imagine is the sad lot of the uninvited.

Surviving The Kids’ Birthday Party


March is birthday month in my life. March brings birthdays for both me and Mabel’s Labels. I also have a daughter with a birthday this month. I recently had a parent ask if I had any birthday party activity suggestions. Just thinking about the question exhausted me. In my 15 years of parenthood, I have […]

50th Birthday Surprise Party Ideas


Ease the pain of turning 50 by throwing a loved one a surprise party. While planning a surprise birthday party is a great deal of fun, making sure it remains a surprise for the birthday person can be a bit tricky. Keep the birthday person in the dark by doing the party planning away from home and by not leaving any evidence laying about.

5 Fresh Tips To Green The Birthday Party Scene


As a busy mom, youre likely to attend several birthday parties a year – and not just those for your children. For example, theres the “best-friend-of-your-child” birthday invite. The “bring-the-sibling” birthday invite. The “all-inclusive-classroom” party invite. The “Im-inviting-your-kid-only-to-be-polite” invite.

Birthday Cakes for Kids With Allergies

Some children have allergies that prevent you from purchasing a birthday cake from the local bakery or making one from a box. If you have a child with allergies at your birthday party, it’s essential to have a cake that she can enjoy eating as well. Fortunately, there are several ways to bake a cake, no matter what type of allergy she may have.

Fun Ideas for a Sweet 16 Birthday Party


Gone are the days of princess cakes and pirate ships. No longer can you just invite the whole class and whip together a set of games in the backyard. Your teenage daughter has a new set of demands, ranging from the perfect party to the best gift. Work with your teen to put together an unforgettable sweet 16 without losing your mind or half your bank account.

Healthy Preschool Birthday Party Cakes


Preschoolers get so excited for birthday parties. Whether it is their own or a friend’s birthday, that big day spreads a special energy among a preschooler and his peers. During that exciting time, choose a reasonably healthy cake option that will provide your little one with some nutrients instead of just a truck full of sugar.