Green Bean Casserole Recipe


When serving Thanksgiving dinner there are tons of ways to make classic Thanksgiving recipes. You can multi-task during the cooking process, with this alternative way to make a green bean casserole. While using the oven to cook, use the stove top to make this delicious side dish! Stove Top Style

Thanksgiving Diet Tips


While it does provide the perfect occasion for gathering with friends and family, many committed dieters loathe Thanksgiving as they know that on this day they will be tempted with an assortment of diet-busting treats. While the presence of temptation on this holiday is undeniable, Thanksgiving does not have to spell diet disaster. By following some simple diet tips, you can effectively enjoy Thanksgiving without having to slip back into larger pants in the days immediately following.

5 Ways To Teach Your Kids To Be Thankful This Thanksgiving


A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues. – CiceroGratitude – or a lack thereof – is something all parents encounter during the process of raising children. At some point or other, what mother hasn’t looked on with horror as her child blurted out a variant of, I dont like this! Its not what I wanted for my birthday! or worried that her kids took …