Prom Tips From “Powerful” Hollywood Stylists


Named two of “The 25 Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood,” Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn are famous for dressing style icons such as Venus Global Ambassador, Jennifer Lopez. And it’s your lucky day, Modern Moms! Because we got an exclusive interview with the duo to ask them about style, body shapes, and the all important day looming near if you have a teenage daughter…PROM!


You two have styled a LOT of celebrities. Who has been the greatest pleasure to style and why?

We work with a lot of different types of celebrities who all have different styles–nobody is the same. Having so many different clients allows us to be creative and we love diversity.

How did you work your way to the top to eventually claim a place on the list of Hollywood’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists?

A lot of it has to do with our attitude. We are very passionate about working together and we both love fashion! The fashion and celebrity industry has enough drama as it is and clothes are the fun part! This outlook has really helped us become who we are today.

What’s the most important tip a mom can give her daughter before she goes to prom?

This is your daughter’s night to shine like a goddess. No matter what style she chooses, remind her to wear it with confidence. She should stand tall and proud in whatever dress she decides to wear and she’ll look flawless.

What will be this year’s trendiest prom dress style?

Dresses with shorter hemlines, like the one Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammys, are very popular this season. Black tie used to mean long gowns, but today fun cocktail dresses are all the rage.

Do you have any guidelines for what kinds of dresses look good on each body shape?

a) Tall and thin: You can pull off more volume when you have the height advantage. Try big skirts and peplum dresses.

b) Pear shaped: Opt for something more fitted vs. flowy fabric. Choose something with a form fitting top that will also show off your shoulders.

c) Short & petite: You have the option to play with the length by going a little shorter with the hemline without it looking too short. Also, form fitting is a great option for petite girls.

d) Curvy/busty: One shoulder dresses are a great option, because it allows you to show some skin without revealing too much and gives the top support you need. Stay away from strapless!

Many prom dresses these days are very sexy. Are there fresh dress styles for girls who don’t want to be too scandalous or revealing, but still look super cute and fashionable?

Balance is key here. If you’re going to wear a shorter dress, make sure the top has sleeves. When showing off your great legs, make sure you’re covering your shoulders to avoid showing too much skin.

What would you suggest as a good beauty prep routine for the day (or hour, week, etc.) before prom?

Making sure you have beautiful skin head to toe is key for any kind of look. Be sure you’re shaving on a daily basis, which is a great way to exfoliate your skin. It’s important use the best products out there, such as the five blade Venus Embrace Shine for an incredibly long-lasting shave to confidently show off those smooth legs on prom night. Also, don’t forget to moisturize regularly–it’s a great idea to do it day and night!

Is there a good makeup strategy for big events like prom?

If you’d like to experiment with darker eyes and brighter lip shades for the big night, do it in a subtle way. Don’t go too vampy with a dark lip and dark lid–pick one. Prom is a time to look pretty and feminine. Also, practice your makeup beforehand. Hold your dress up with different makeup looks to determine which looks best.

What products, colors/shades, etc. are best for enduring the long night?

Lighter, cleaner looks tend to last longer. Heavier makeup and darker eye colors can smudge and crease more easily.

What are some easy DIY hair styles for prom?

A sleek, sophisticated pony tail is a great polished look. Just look at Jennifer at the Golden Globes. Another easy option, which I (Mariel) do is put your hair in a bun the night before. When you take it out the next day it will create lots of volume and natural waves. Lastly, jeweled headbands can create a fun, glam look.

What’s the rule on accessorizing your prom ensemble? Keep it simple or glam it up?

You can be glam by keeping it simple. The dress is the highlight. Don’t have your jewelry compete with your dress. If you have simple clean hemlines or necklines you can do a larger earring or add a large cocktail ring. Some accessory don’ts: stay away from necklaces if your neckline is busy; avoid matching jewelry sets and any jewelry on a string or elastic, as it will look cheap. Simple diamond studs are always in our kit and are a great option for prom because they are a classic look that goes with anything.



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