What’s in my Doula Bag?


Over the years, I have gathered lots of helpful goodies to help women with the birthing process.

Every birth experience I have been a part of has been different, so with every birth, comes something new that I learn and add to my bag of tricks.

MY DOULA BAG – a.k.a. the bag of goodies

Battery operated, flame free candles – Nothing creates a soothing atmosphere like candle light. Unfortunately you can’t bring anything flammable into a hospital. These candles are a must to create a relaxing vibe!

Scent ball aromatherapy diffuser - I don’t know about you, but I find the hospital to be such a blah and stale environment. Some yummy smelling oils will help shift the whole feeling in the room, though. I tend to mix oils of clary sage and lavender together. As the birth progresses, I switch to a blend of ylang ylang and sweet orange oils. 

Spectrum organic unscented coconut oil – I use this to massage my clients’ backs, heads, legs, and feet. I melt the oil to a liquid and add a mix of eucalyptus, clary sage, and lavender oils. I use another blend of lavender and sandalwood oils on the head to help relax and calm the mind.

Peppermint oil – If my client starts to get tired, I dab a drop on each temple; it’s an instant pick-me-up.

Rescue remedies – A Bach flower remedy that helps ease the nerves and calms you down. Believe it or not, I bring it for my pregnant clients but generally end up giving it to others in the room instead. Just in case, I also keep in my bag: the Bach remedies of olive (helps restore energy when you are physically and mentally exhausted), cherry plum (helps you act rationally and think clearly when you fear loosing control) and white chestnut (encourages a peaceful and calm mind when thoughts and worries go round and round in your head).

Valerian root, Rescue remedy and the powdered drink Calm - For anyone who is in the room and feeling worried or stressed (partner, friends, parents, and in laws, this is a big hit. I dish it out like candy). Remember, the calmer everyone is in the room, the calmer the laboring mother will be.

Sleep mask – It’s important to sleep and rest up for pushing; this helps darken the room to promote sleep.

Ear plugs – In a noisy room, ear plugs help promote a deeper sleep.

Arnica 30x – I feed it to my client during and after labor to help with the healing.

Ginger brew, ginger tea, or ginger root - Ginger helps to ease nausea.

Nux vomica - This is a homeopathic remedy to help with nausea.

Red raspberry leaf tea - This tea helps tone and strengthen the uterus and relieves pain.

Chamomile tea and honey - Chamomile tea relaxes, and honey provides an energy boost.

Dr. Schultze’s super food bars, almonds, dried fruit, water, coconut water – These are energy-packed snacks for the mother-to-be.

iPad - Full of healing music that relaxes and calms the body, mind and spirit – this is a must.

Mason Pearson hair brush – Epidurals can make a woman feel itchy. A hair brush is an excellent scratcher.

Ice bag – Place it on the laboring mother’s forehead when when she gets hot.

I would love to hear if anyone has other products I could add to my bag of tricks! I’m always looking for new goodies to add to the mix. Thanks!

xoxoxoxo Lori B




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