A Nighttime Ritual to Help You Manifest the Life You Want
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A Nighttime Ritual to Help You Manifest the Life You Want

Your internal dialog right before sleeping has a powerful impact on your life. When we sleep we are in touch with our subconscious mind. Think of your subconscious mind like a hard drive where you download your thoughts and those very thoughts then play a role in creating your life.

In this video I talk about a nighttime ritual that I learned and personally use from Dr. Wayne Dyer in his book Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting. Watch the video to find out how you too can use the power of thoughts before sleeping to manifest the life that you want.

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Do you believe in manifesting? Why or why not? Do you believe in the power of thoughts? Have you tried this particular exercise? Has it had an impact on your life? Do you have any nighttime rituals that help send you off to sleep in a more peaceful state? Please do share! We can learn from one another.

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Disclosure: I am not affiliated with Dr. Wayne Dyer or the book Wishes Fulfilled. This video is my own opinion about an important lesson I learned from the book. A lesson I felt compelled and passionate about sharing.


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