Addicted to the Olympics!
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Addicted to the Olympics!

I have Olympic Fever!  Every since I was a little girl I have watched the Olympics – winter or summer, it doesn’t matter. I have always been fascinated by the athletes, the events, and what the Olympics stand for:  unity amongst all nations.  

My family was, and still is, a huge supporter of the Olympics; it was probably the one time my parents didn’t have to break up a fight between me and my four sisters about what we would watch on TV! 

Although I watch almost every event (yes, even curling, my husband got me hooked), I have to say my favorite events are in the Summer Games – the swimming, diving, track and field, gymnastics are just too exciting  for me.

I’m not sure why I am so drawn to the Olympics, my fascination is like a moth to a flame. I even attended the Olympics in 1996! My friends and I rented a winnebago and drove down to Atlanta; it was one of the best experiences of my life. The excitement, the events, the patriotism, and the masses of people are just incredible!  

Whenever the Olympics come around, I become addicted to learning everything about the athletes. I Google them to find out how they train, when they realized they had a passion for their sport, what they eat, and what motivates them to excel.  I know it sounds stalkerish, but I really devour everything I can about these athletes.

Even though I was never a stellar athlete (average to say the least), I always dreamed of being an Olympic swimmer. I guess my love for the Olympic games stems from the fact that the “average Joe” college athlete could work hard and get a chance to be on such an awesome stage displaying wonderful athleticism and going for the Gold!  How could it get better than that?

Are you addicted to the Olympics? What are your favorite events to watch?

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