Thoughts Revealed: The Naked Mom by Brooke Burke
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Thoughts Revealed: The Naked Mom by Brooke Burke

When The Naked Mom by Brooke Burke arrived at my door step I was very excited to start reading. To be honest, I really don’t read very many books these days. In little spurts of time I find it easier to read short articles here and there. With children, if you want time to read you have to make it a high priority in the small amount of time that you have, and there is usually a huge number of things you want to do or NOT do in that time.
It took me only a couple of days to read The Naked Mom. I can’t tell you the last time I read a book that fast! Reading the Naked Mom became what I wanted to spend all my spare moments doing in those few days. That alone tells you much more than anything I could write.
From reading Brooke’s blog on Modern Mom I already felt like I knew her. She writes from her heart. That takes an incredible amount of courage. She shares her life, and reading her book is like having a very deep and real conversation with one of your best girlfriends. She talks about experiences and lessons she has learned that the vast majority of us would share only with our closest loved ones, if at all, and the reader is better for it.
To give others the gift of your open heart is a tremendous blessing, and one of the greatest gifts we can give as human beings. Brooke allows lessons to be learned from her life, even from the things that cause her the most heart ache. That kind of open hearted sharing with the world should not be taken for granted, and truly appreciated for the gift that it is. In my opinion, I believe the writer and the reader both experience healing and a better understanding of life. What more can you hope for in a book than that?
If I could I would give you all a copy, my friends, but because I can’t I will share with you the link where you can get a copy of the book should you choose to share in the journey of a remarkable woman with an incredible heart.
The Naked Mom by Brooke Burke
Thank you Brooke for sharing your heart with us?

What is the last book you read and could not put down?
p.s. a special Happy Valentine’s Wish to my loving husband! Today is the anniversary of our first date. I love you, more than words!

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