Never Do That Again!
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Never Do That Again!

Two weeks ago we loaded the family in the car and went to the beach. Even though the weather was very cold we were longing to get outside and play in the sun. After hitting the playground it was time for some Frisbee.

Frisbee on the beach in the winter? A sign of what’s to come next!


Yup, you guessed it. The Frisbee went straight in the water! Despite what you might think it wasn’t the kids that threw the Frisbee into the lake, it was my husband. Fortunately, I had my camera on hand to capture the craziness.


February in Idaho, temperature of about 38?F.

It wasn’t just any Frisbee. It was a special kind of Frisbee. So special I have no idea what the name of it is, but nevertheless, it was very special to my husband. He has probably had this Frisbee longer than our 11 year relationship. In the water he went. He didn’t even hesitate.


Good thing Mom was there to say “Little Brother, DON’T you dare follow him in!!”


Little Sister wanted to be in on the action too, but smartly kept a safe distance from the water.

The Frisbee sank, and in my husband’s words “It was harder for me to dig up the Frisbee than I thought it would be.”


Oh yeah! That’s COLD!!!

He almost looks like he is modeling effortlessly in the photos, but I assure you it is pure photojournalism at work 🙂


Little Sister expresses her disappointment in Daddy for going into the water. I am not going to lie, I was really enjoying it! I didn’t need to say a thing about how it wasn’t a good idea to do that for a Frisbee.


What can I say? My man loves his sports and I love him!

The whole way home Little Sister scolded her Daddy “Never do that AGAIN!”



Needless to say, I drove on the way home with the heat blasting. My husband was frozen from the waist down and it took a while for him to warm up again.

*Disclosure – Please do NOT enter the water in cold winter temperatures! It is potentially very dangerous. That being said, no one was hurt in the documenting of this post and I could NOT resist storing this one in the bank 😉



















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