Oprah’s No Phone Zone
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Oprah’s No Phone Zone

It is time! It is finally time to put actions to words and sign Oprah’s No Phone Zone pledge!

This is something I have wanted to do for a long time now and am proud to say that on Wednesday the 23rd of February 2011 I signed the pledge and became number 420,400 on the list.

How does it feel? GREAT!
Who do I have to thank? YOU!
The fact that you are here sharing this journey with me has made all the difference to not only speak from my heart but to live it. I could have made thousands of excuses how right now is not the right time to go over to the site and sign the pledge. After, I finish one more email, after I clean the milk up off the floor. Not anymore, my friends! Your support gives me that motivation I need to always be conscious of my actions matching my words, and honestly words cannot express how much I appreciate that gift you give ?!




Last Wednesday I was driving my beautiful son to pre-school and was stressed out! The roads were horrible, HORRIBLE! In appearance it looked like just snow, but the snow was accompanied by a sheet of ice. My tires were not gripping the road. At. All.

Picture this- me hands planted firmly at 10 and 2 in my mini SUV with 4 wheel drive ON! Going SO SLOW. I’m talking you could walk faster slow. Two kids singing in the back blissfully unaware, until Mommy says “Guys, I need you to be quiet for me because Mommy needs to hear the road.” Hear the road – I know not the best language skills but I was nervous!

After having lots of trouble with the car sliding around the short drive to school I pulled into the parking lot and called my husband. Thank goodness for his calm presence in my life. I wanted his opinion on whether or not I should actually drop my son off at school, because I did not know if I could handle venturing out on the road again to pick him up. This was the first time I felt this way this winter, so you can imagine what the roads were like, and I don’t enjoy driving on a good day!

Fortunately, my Hubby loves me A LOT and offered to spend his lunch break picking our son up and bringing him home so that I would not have to do it again. Good idea because I was having one of those crazy type of days!

On my way home I was approaching a 4 way stop that I knew was slippery because I had just struggled through it, and a women was driving by us talking on her phone. I felt nervous. Very nervous for her, and nervous for us. I knew how bad the ice was in that intersection. That was the moment I said first thing when I get home I am going straight to Oprah’s No Phone Zone and signing the pledge!

As far as I know, Idaho does not have great laws in place, and I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see that change. It is not about judging the action of others it is about putting safety first. We all deserve that! Please join me and sign the pledge, and spread the word to your family, friends, and everyone you can reach! I really want to see the number of pledges grow and for us to ALL be better off and safer.

Thanks my marvellous friends! Hope you have a great day 🙂

Have you ever been fearful of your safety, or your loved ones, because of cell phone use and driving? What number pledge are you?

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