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Nutrition Bars for Kids

Good nutrition is essential for your child’s growth, but when you have an active child, it can be difficult to get him to settle down and eat a healthy meal. Nutrition bars can provide a healthy alternative when you are on the go. Adult bars, however, contain ingredients with adult nutrition in mind. Instead, look for kid-friendly bars that have good taste and good nutrition.

Clif Kid Bars

The Clif Kid Organic Z bars contain only organic, healthy ingredients, like oat flour, rolled oats and tapioca syrup. They come in kid-friendly flavors like chocolate brownie and s’mores, but you could also get a blueberry flavor if your child prefers fruity tastes. These bars don’t have much fat or protein, and the Clif company fortifies the bars with additional vitamins and minerals, like iron and calcium.

CAN DO Kid Bars

CAN DO Kid Bars contain soy protein as a major ingredient, so they have a higher level of protein for sustained energy. They are gluten-free, so kids with wheat sensitivities can enjoy them as well. The three flavors are chocolate crunch, cookies and cream, and vanilla. The package for these contains two pieces. Your child doesn’t have to eat both in one sitting if she doesn’t want to.

Healthy Granola Bars

A granola bar can be a healthy treat or a nutritional nightmare. Many of the versions lining the store shelves contain little more than sugar. Read the labels to find brands that are low in fat and sugar. Super Kids Nutrition suggests that the best brands are Quaker Oats Simple Harvest, Kashi TLC, Nature Valley, Health Valley and Barbara’s Crunchy Organic.

You Bar

If you’ve tried a variety of bars and haven’t found one that fits your needs, you could look to the You Bar company. This company allows you to select your own ingredients, so you can choose the ones that your child is most likely to enjoy. You can also select flavors and monitor the nutritional information as you create the bar. Best of all, you can choose the name for the bar and the company will print it on the package. Your child may be more likely to eat a bar if it says “Aidan’s Delicious Bar” right there on the package.

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