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Sleep Better



Here is something you may not know about me- I LOVE to sleep!! If I could, I would sleep 9 to 9.25 hrs a day. Yup, that is my exact science broken down to when my body wakes up naturally and happily. This amount of time also give me a few minutes to get out of bed slowly while enjoying the sunshine streaming across my face.

My 2 year old daughter has very recently learned how to climb out of her crib. Trouble with a capital T! She now joins her 5 year old brother in frequent attempts at skipping sleep. You may be thinking… is this the straw that is going to break the camel’s back? At least I know I was! Wholeheartedly I put my full trust in the universe, and with love and great timing the lovely women of Modern Mom sent me a Sleep Better Beyond Down Pillow to test out.

Immediate fantasies of becoming a professional pillow tester came to mind. Can you imagine? Honey, I have to go to work. Duty calls! I have to go test out/sleep on my new pillow. Folding the laundry will have to wait until after work [insert HUGE smile]. Ahh, doesn’t that sound good?!

Well, I might not yet be employed as a professional pillow tester [I’M AVAILABLE!].  However, I have really enjoyed trying the Sleep Better Beyond Down Pillow.  

Something else you also may not know about me- I’m a side sleeper…and I barely drool. Fortunately, the pillow comes in two forms – a standard queen option, or the one I received which “has a four-inch gusset that properly supports the head and neck of side sleepers [like me!]"

When I happy danced my way over to the bed to insert my new pillow into some fresh pillow cases. I just love clean sheets, don’t you?! I gave the dust mites in my old pillow fair warning. I think I saw a couple of them try to quickly hop over to my husband’s pillow, but the rest went out the door with the old pillow.

“Research from the Carpenter Co. Sleep lab suggests that pillows lose their loft and become filled with everyday mold and bacteria that could be harmful to you after a year of usage.”

Therefore, they recommend you replace your pillows after 1 year.

On one hand I’m thinking YUCK! On the other hand, but my pillow fits my head just perfectly. After trying this pillow out I realized change is good! I have moved on to something better.

The first night was a big adjustment. I needed to give my head and neck time to adjust to a new feel. To be honest it feels weird for the first 3 nights. After that, LOVE! I feel completely in love with my new pillow. Now we are great friends and really enjoy our time together! I even gave her a name- Miss Fluff. Miss Fluff is super comfortable, and just writing about her makes me long to go back and lie my head down on my soft cozy pillow.

Here is some more information about Miss Fluff (aka- Sleep Better’s Beyond Down Pillow) you should know:

“The pillow is wrapped in the highest quality cotton and filled with a polyester fiber that emulates the highest-quality white goose down, making it hypoallergenic.”

Sweet! No more bird feather poking me in the face!

Thank you Sleep Better and Modern Mom for my new BFF! I promise I’ll take good care of her 🙂

My friends, if you would like more information on all things sleep such as tips, advice, and information on how to get a better night’s sleep, as well as solutions for many types of sleep problems and up-to-date news and research on sleep, you can visit

Wishing you the sweetest dreams friends *~*

Disclaimer- I was provided a Sleep Better Beyond Down Pillow from SleepBetter and ModernMom for the purpose of review. These are my own honest opinions (except for the dust mites hopping on my husband’s pillow part 🙂

Today’s Question-

How old is your pillow? I’ll tell if you do! Do you sleep on your side, tummy, or back?



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