10 Easy Snacks That Kids Can Make
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10 Easy Snacks That Kids Can Make

Kids enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Allowing kids to make their own snacks gives them a sense of accomplishment. Cooking also gives kids practice in following directions, and time in the kitchen also offers parents the opportunity to teach kids about nutrition and measuring ingredients.

Here are 10 easy snacks that kids can make.

Trail Mix

Trail mix is a versatile snack that kids can make. It is ideal for picky eaters because many ingredients may be used in trail mix. Provide four or five ingredients to make up the trail mix based on your child’s food preferences. Popular trail mix ingredients are dry cereal, small crackers, granola, dried fruit, nuts (use only for older children), chocolate chips and pretzels. You child can scoop each ingredient into the mixing bowl and stir them together. Trail mix is a convenient snack for kids on the go.

Fruit Salad

A fruit salad is a fun way to encourage kids to eat more fruit. Cut up four or five types of fruit for the fruit salad. Your child can help by washing the fruit and pouring the fruit into the mixing bowl. Your child can also use a melon baller to add watermelon or cantaloupe to the salad. Allow your child to carefully stir the fruit salad before serving.

English Muffin Pizza

English muffin pizzas are an easy snack appropriate for all ages. Each child can customize his pizza. Split an English muffin in half. Place it on a baking sheet. The child can spread a small amount of pizza sauce over the English muffin and top it with cheese, meat or vegetables. Vegetables can be made into a face to make this snack more fun. Bake at 350 degrees for 5 to 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted.

Painted Toast

This easy snack for kids doubles as an art project. Mix a few drops of food coloring with 1/3 cup of milk until the desired color is reached. Repeat with separate cups of milk to make other colors. Allow your child to paint on a piece of bread with the milk colors, making sure the bread doesn’t get too wet. Toast the painted bread and have it as a snack.

Cereal Bracelets

Pipe cleaners and colorful cereal are used to create cereal bracelets in this fun snack. Choose O-shaped cereal and allow your child to thread the cereal onto the pipe cleaner. The ends of the pipe cleaner are twisted together after all of the cereal is threaded. Your child can wear the cereal bracelet and snack at the same time. A necklace can be created by twisting two pipe cleaners together.

Sandwich Kabobs

Kabobs are a fun way to eat something ordinary. To make sandwich kabobs, the child can slide a cube of bread onto a skewer and follow the bread with cubes of meat, cheese, tomatoes and other vegetables. More bread cubes may be added between the ingredients as desired. Always supervise when a child makes a kabob so injury does not occur.

Frozen Banana Pops

Frozen banana pops are versatile because any toppings may be used. Cut a banana in half widthwise. Your child can carefully push a popsicle stick into the banana to create a handle. Assist your child in spreading either peanut butter or honey on the banana. Your child can then roll the banana in his choice of toppings. Granola, crushed cereal or chopped nuts work well. Place the banana on a plate and freeze for three hours. Another option is to help your child dip the banana in melted chocolate before freezing.

Pear Mouse

Canned pear halves transform into an edible mouse in this kid’s snack. Have the child place a pear half, flat side down, on a plate. The small end of the pear will serve as the mouse’s head. The child places two cloves in the small end to make the eyes and a raisin below the eyes for the nose. Use two banana slices for the ears. Carefully break a toothpick in half to hold the banana slices in place. Remove the toothpicks before eating the pear mouse.

Rice Cake People

This kid’s snack idea makes plain rice cakes more appealing. Help your child spread softened cream cheese, hummus, peanut butter or another spread over the rice cake. The child can use small food items to create a face on the rice cake. Foods that work well for facial features include carrot shreds, cheese, raisins, chocolate chips, apple slices, dry cereal, licorice, coconut and banana slices.

Pudding Pops

Homemade pudding pops are more fun and affordable than the store versions. Kids can perform every step of this process since no heat is involved. Help your child mix a box of pudding according to the package directions. The child then stirs in a small tub of whipped topping and pours the pudding mixture into paper cups. A plastic spoon or popsicle stick is placed into the pudding mixture. Freeze for several hours until solid. The child can tear the paper cup away before eating the pudding pop and place the pop in a bowl between bites. Using a plastic spoon for the handle gives your child a way to eat the pudding if it melts into the bowl before she finishes it.

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