O’s Words That Matter
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O’s Words That Matter

After I finished reading The Naked Mom by Brooke Burke, I enjoyed it so much I decided to pick up another book right away while I was on a role. As a Mom it is so easy to lose steam and forget about doing activities you love. The book I chose was O’s Words That Matter: Everyday truths to Guide and Inspire.



“Oprah says she’s lived her life by quotations and sayings, so to celebrate O’s 10th anniversary, the editors compiled a collection of insightful quotes drawn from the magazine’s first decade. You’ll find encouragement and advice on everything from dreaming big to aging brilliantly.”


The Verdict: I love, love, LOOOVE it!

Two thumbs up for sure!

I have always enjoyed inspirational quotes. I write them down, save them on my computer, and get them sent daily to my inbox from a couple of sites. A great quote can really lift your spirits. In fact, my copy of O’s Words That Matter is jammed with sticky tabs at the moment. Now that I am done reading it, the book lives in my office.


This book is great to read over and over again. When you need a few minutes to gather yourself, if you are feeling stressed out or frustrated, or losing patience with your kids, or anyone else for that matter, you pull out this book and spend just a couple of minutes flipping through some of your favorite quotes to feel renewed.

There are also those times when you are procrastinating getting something done. Instead of browsing Facebook or your email again, or hitting the pantry for snacks, address those feelings by reading a few quotes from the book and let them uplift and motivate you.
O’s Words That Matter is a book I would recommend to everyone, especially those who love reading quotes. This book had brought me joy and inspiration, and I know it will continue to for a long time to come. The book is its own little piece of inspirational art work in my home.

“Here’s what my love affair with quotations has taught me: the more you focus on words that uplift you, the more you embody the ideas contained in those words.” ~Oprah Winfrey- O’s Words That Matter

Do you have any favorite quotes? Please share them with me!



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