Great Super Bowl Party Games
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Great Super Bowl Party Games

Football season finishes out with a bang each year, when everyone gets together to watch the Super Bowl. This year the Baltimore Ravens play the San Francisco 49ers down in New Orleans in the big game.

I live in Baltimore, and have pretty much since I was 5, but my heart belongs to the Philadelphia Eagles where both my parents are from (and I still have family still live in the Philadelphia area).  My dad has had season tickets for the Eagles many years now. The Eagles are my “home team”.  So unlike all my Baltimore friends and family I won’t get to see my team in the Super Bowl this year.

I am loving (more like jealous) of the” purple pride” that has been going around these last few weeks, and leading up to the Super Bowl. The schools are filled with Ravens decorations that they have created to show their team spirits. Groceries stores are filled with Ravens balloons, and fun cakes and cupcakes decorated for the Ravens.

Whether your team is in the big game this year, or you just want a good game to watch – here are some fun game ideas to make your Super Bowl day fun for the entire family!

Pin the Football in the Goal

Sports bring out the competitive side in people. So why not play a few games? One game the kids will love is Pin the Football in the Goal. Kids will love this, but so will the adults.

1. Post a large paper goal post to the wall. Just use sticky tape or pins.

2. Make footballs for each party guest. Put their name and football number on them. Ravens or 49ers colors would make it festive!

3. Blindfold each  guest and spin them around. Try to get them to stick their football through the uprights of the gold post.

4. Award points to each player who gets their ball through.

5. After a few rounds add up the points and the guest with the highest points is the winner!

Sports Predictions

Another game that you could just do with your family or even this week at work with your co-workers is something anyone can do even the non-sport fan.

Have everyone predict some things that will happen during the game. Put them in a bowl and go over the answers at the end( or the next day at work) to see who the winners are.

Here is a list of some fun things to predict.

1. Who will be the Super Bowl MVP?

2. What will be the final score, and who will win?

3. How many times will Ray Lewis cry?

4. Will the half time performance be done live or lip-sync? (Beyonce is performing just FYI)

5. Which team will have the most turnovers?

Do you have any fun Super Bowl game ideas?

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