Is Your Cup Half Empty of Half Full?
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Is Your Cup Half Empty of Half Full?

How do you typically embrace the world? Are you constantly waiting for the storm to arrive, or do you look forward to a day of uncertainty? Do you typically see the good and positives in most situations, or are you constantly looking over your shoulder? Our outlook on life can paint a canvas full of color and life or create a palette dreary and bland. Your attitude makes a dramatic difference on your response and experience to situations.

Brush Off and Move On

We are all dealt periods in our life that can alter our foundation, our safety. We have the power to choose how to respond to these circumstances. Sometimes it is easier to have a “pity party” for ourselves, which is completely ok and therapeutic. But then it is important to brush ourselves off, raise our heads and move on. Wouldn’t it feel better to walk into an unknown situation prepared, thinking positively, than preparing for the worst with your head down? Talking yourself into something feels better, raises your confidence and typically creates an atmosphere that supports your end result. Even if the end result is unknown to you at the time, you have the power to think positively and expect the best. Your attitude and energy makes its mark on the world around you, create a surrounding that feels good and supports your best interests.

1. Track Your Thoughts

Just as you would “log” your financial spending to see where your money goes, track how many negative thoughts pop into your mind every day. Many of us are unaware how often negative thoughts cloud our choices and decisions. Make a commitment this week to “track” the negative voice for one or two days. Keep a journal or notepad with you and track how many times the negative voice pops into your head.

2. Change Your Language

Now that you have tracked your negative thoughts, you need to replace them with positive words. What are you most critical of in your life? Do you put yourself down regarding your appearance? Do you criticize your work? Replace these thoughts with sentences that support you.

3. Start Your Day Off on a Positive Note

The way you begin your day, your outlook, affects the rest of your day and interactions. No matter what the day has in store for you, take control by uplifting yourself and your spirits right from the beginning. Say a positive affirmation, focus on your strengths, shine the light on yourself; do whatever it takes to begin your day on a positive note.

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