“CSI: Miami” Star Emily Proctor Opens Up About Expecting Her First Child
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“CSI: Miami” Star Emily Proctor Opens Up About Expecting Her First Child

In an exclusive Modernmom interview with Emily Proctor, the “CSI: Miami” star revealed the scoop about being pregnant for the first time (her baby is due in December!) and what kind of mommy she hopes to be. She is so sweet and we have a hunch she’ll be a great mommy!

How Has Pregnancy Affected Your Career?

I’ve definitely over-thought this whole pregnancy thing because I was concerned how it would affect my career. But, now that I’m pregnant, I’m like, “Work? Who Cares?” My plan as of now is not to miss any work. I’m going to hire an extra set of hands to help me when I’m working so I can say, “Hey, can you watch the baby while I shoot this scene?” The show (CSI) didn’t write my pregnancy into the script, but I kind of wish they did so it doesn’t just show me behind a desk the whole time, as my face gets rounder and rounder.

Do You Think You Will Be Torn Between Career and Staying Home?

That’s why I waited to have a kid. My priority now is to be a mom. But, I’m also a total workaholic! Even if I don’t continue to be on camera, I am currently working on producing a project.

Are You Planning on Having More Kids?

I don’t know if this will be my only child, but I think it might. My boyfriend and I have talked about other alternatives. His family used to house foster kids. I think it might be hard to watch them leave, but we’ll see.

Motherhood: What Are You Looking Forward To and What Scares You?

I just can’t wait to meet the baby. I can’t wait to see what his/her personality will be like and what activities we’ll do together. What scares me is that I might mess up and my kid will resent me. I’ve always thought I would be an easy breezy mom, but I really think I’m going to be a worrier now. I already signed up for baby CPR. My boyfriend and I even got into an argument over when we will put our kid in self-defense classes.

How Do You Stay Fit and Healthy While Pregnant?

Exercise has always been important to me. I do a lot of the same things I did pre-pregnancy, like taking dance classes. I like to walk a lot and I swim 3 to 4 days a week. And, for when I have the baby, my friend gave me a great tip: keep the baby changing station upstairs only so that you have to go up the stairs whenever the baby needs changing! I’ll definitely do that to get at least some exercise in!

What Are Some Challenges of Pregnancy?

Well, for one, I’m experiencing pregnancy insomnia! Another thing is that I’m a bit concerned about stretch marks so I’ve been lucky enough to team up with Palmer’s pregnancy products. I use the Cocoa Butter Tummy Butter on not just my tummy, but my hands and face. I plan on using it even after I have the baby because it has such a wonderfully smooth consistency.

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