BB’s Newest: Growing Up…
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BB’s Newest: Growing Up…

I have finally recovered from the African jet lag. The reality that I will be co-hosting DWTS has also set in and life seems less like a dream this week. I have been in back to back mtgs, shooting new episodes for The Doctors, and playing single parent of 4 at home. (Not for good, David is expected home very soon). Even though I am juggling a lot, I am remembering to breathe and trying to take a few moments for me.

Taking Care of Me

When I get really busy, I focus on taking extra good care of myself to balance it all. I eat healthier, schedule a lot less in the evenings, and make sure I get in my workouts to release a little stress. Instead of getting lost in the chaos, I try to manage it with a few things to make it more doable. I drive in silence, no radio so I can soak in a little bit of peace, I go to bed early to catch up on sleep to balance the extra stress, I book girl time so I can talk about life and forget about work, and I really listen to my body. One thing I do when I am feeling run down is drink lots of lemon water, green tea, and ginger tea. It gives my energy. My recipe is linked below.

He’s Ready…

Shaya started school last week. I was not ready, but he is. I hung out in the office, just in case he needed me, no such luck. I went back in to kiss him goodbye and make sure he didn’t want to come home and just stay my baby for a few more months, no chance…Then he said, “I fine Mama, bye.” That is the longest sentence he’s ever put together so I took that as my cue to go. I know now based on my last 3 children that he will develop very quickly with all the stimulation. It’s bitter sweet. I must admit that I am not quite ready for my son to grow up. He has been doing so well and looks forward to it every day. Here’s a pic of him at school. He’s 2 now and I feel like time is flying by.

She’s Too Cool…

Neriah turned 10 today, and is almost too cool to want to hang out anymore. That’s tough too. She went into my closet this weekend to borrow some shoes, and then when we were shopping (in my department) it really hit me. It wasn’t so much that she is growing up, it’s that I am growing up too!!! LOL

Brooke’s Recipe

  • Ginger Tea
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