Denise Richards: “I’m In” – Something My Little Girls and I Do…
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Denise Richards: “I’m In” – Something My Little Girls and I Do…

My girls and I have this thing we do, it might sound silly but it really works for us. Whenever they have a tiff with each other or if I have to be firm with them – I have us do this where we put our hands on top of each other like a team before a game. I’ll start it or even sometimes Sami or Lola will.

I’m In!

We put a hand in and say “I’m in!” and then Lola will put her hand in and say “I’m in” and Sami will put her hand in and say the same thing, until all our hands are on top of each other and touching… then we say 1,2,3 and throw are hands up and say THE GIRLS as loud as we can! Then one of us we’ll say Group Hug!! And we do a big hug.

So Cute!

Sounds kinda crazy especially if you aren’t a parent reading this!! But it is so cute and breaks the ice if anyone is upset or a little angry… they giggle and sometimes they even try to put their feet in too! I always try to resolve any little squabbles between my girls (or if I’m not happy with their behavior) right then and there. We’re a team my girls and I, and they really feel it. I especially love when my girls will initiate “I’m In” it really is so sweet. I think it’s so important for them to understand when they hurt each other’s feelings or if they don’t listen to me that we really communicate with one another and understand how important it is to listen and to be kind to each other. They take responsibility if they hurt each other’s feelings and they apologize, and it’s nice to always end it on a positive note with our “I’m In” and a group hug.

So Much Love

I try to teach them to treat one another how they want to be treated. I have an amazing relationship with my daughters, they are the light of my life and I really want them to feel so loved. As they grow older I want them to always know they can come to me and share their feelings. Last night Lola was afraid to tell me something, she thought I was going to be mad at her. We connected pinkies (another thing we often do) and I said pinkie swear I won’t get mad. She told me what had happened, it was nothing I would be upset with, and I told her how proud I was that she told me. My girls know they can count on me no matter what…And nobody ever goes to bed mad at our home, they know it’s important to resolve any conflict and end it with “I’m In”!!

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