Denise Richards: Pup My Ride
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Denise Richards: Pup My Ride

Today I went to a shelter to help Best Friends Animal Society with Pup my Ride. Every other Monday Best Friends take many dogs out (usually 30) that are going to be euthanized. Legally a shelter only has a few days before that unfortunately happens. As an animal lover, it is so heartbreaking seeing so many dogs lose their lives much too early. Joanna Krupa (from Dancing with the Stars) helps a lot as well. We leave the house about 6:45 am (those days my dad gets the girls off to school) get to the shelter at 8:30am and start taking the dogs out, we walk them, give them treats and load them into a van. They go on a 6 hr drive to a beautiful sanctuary in Utah where they are hopefully adopted.


The best part is the ones who aren’t adopted live at the sanctuary where they have a warm bed, food, and lots of love from many volunteers. Some dogs don’t go to Utah, and those we try to find foster homes here, especially if they’re sick or injured or are senior dogs. I have fostered quite a few and have ended up adopting some as well. The dog I’m holding we brought him back to my house today, and my amazing mobile vet Dr. Rick Garcia came to check him out. He has a broken leg and needs surgery. He is so sweet and is a great dog, the girls named him Luke! He’s having surgery on Monday and 6-8 weeks to rehab his leg and he’ll be as good as new!


I also took a Pekinese she’s about 12 years old and was not taken care of at all. She was scheduled to be euthanized today, I couldn’t leave her behind. We’re getting her all cleaned up – she’s deaf and has some eye problems but is also very sweet. The girls named her Molly. Some of the dogs will go to the weekend adoptions that Best Friends does. I would encourage any of you that want a new pet to please adopt from your local shelter. They have all types of dogs; even pure bred puppies. In the past I have been guilty of buying dogs from a pet store and also from a breeder. I thought by buying from the pet store I was still “saving” the dog until I was learned that was not the case. I’ve learned so much. I really look forward to Pup My Ride Mondays, although it’s so hard to leave a lot of the dogs behind but I’m happy that many of them will be able to go to wonderful homes. Check out

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