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The Five-Minute Fix for Tired Skin

Dear Dr. Wu,

I have a dozen events to go to, but with three kids and a fulltime job, it’s all I can do to throw some clothes on, let alone look great. What can I do to give my skin a really amazing glow before I step out the door?

What products do you recommend to use everyday to make my skin look dewy and younger than it is? How about products for a last minute boost?

Thanks much,

Sara S., Baltimore

Dr. Wu says, “Cold weather can defintiely be a challenging time for skin. Wind and indoor heat suck the moisture from skin, which can make it look dull and dry.” Here are three quick and simple tricks to help you look your best for those events:

1. Revive your skin with Aveeno Positively Ageless night cream, which contains Shiitake mushroom complex to help protect the collagen in your skin and keep it plump and firm.  It’s non-greasy so it won’t clog your pores.  Makeup can accentuate dry skin and fine lines, so be sure to use cream on dry patches and around your eyes before applying makeup.

If your skin is really dry, use it in the morning as well.  ($19.99 at drugstores)

2. Green tea bags can help your eyes look good in a hurry. After you’re done drinking your tea, store the bags in a Ziploc or Tupperware container in the fridge.  Before a party, place a couple of teabags over your eyes for five minutes. The cold and caffeine will help soothe and de-puff your eyes, and the green tea antioxidants will help keep your eye area looking young.   

3. For an instant glow before a party, try Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick instead of your usual blush. Be sure to moisturize first, or else it will end up highlighting the flaky skin. Then, smile and apply to the apples of your cheeks.  Also put some on the sides of your forehead, between your collarbones, and -if you’re wearing strapless, to your shoulders.  You’ll have a subtle, sexy glow and look like you just got back from Hawaii.  Just be careful not to use too much …you want to look glow-y, not shiny. 

Good luck and have fun!

Dr. Jessica Wu, a graduate of Harvard Medical School, runs a private practice in Los Angeles and also serves as Clinical Instructor of Dermatology at the Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. She has appeared on Inside Edition, EXTRA and Lifetime Channel for Women.

Check out the Dr. Jessica Wu Cosmeceuticals product line at www.drjessicawu.com

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