Cutest Baby Shower Ideas
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Cutest Baby Shower Ideas

Cute baby showers are ones that use creative ideas in unusual ways in games, food and party decorations. Plus, they all have to be focused on the main event–the baby. Create a baby shower that people will be talking about for weeks to come.

Baby Cake

To create a baby-shaped cake, cook three cakes: a 9-inch round, a 4-inch round and a 5- by 5-inch square. On a piece of cardboard covered with aluminum foil, place the larger circle cake on the center, with the smaller round cake as the head. Then cut the square cake into four, equal, strips. Use these as arms and legs. Cover the baby in pink icing. Cover the lower torso with a triangle of white frosting for the diaper and make a face out of candy.

Diaper Race

Play the Diaper Race at the baby shower. Each player gets a baby doll (borrow from children you know) and a newborn disposable diaper. At the word “go” the players scramble to diaper their babies before all of the other players. First baby with a diaper wins.

Don’t Say Baby

Another cute game is Don’t Say Baby. In this game, every guest is given a small necklace with a baby themed charm on it (think ribbon and plastic charms). Each guest is told that throughout the party she is not to say the word “baby” or she will have to give her necklace to the person standing or sitting to her right when the word was said. The person at the end of the party who has the most necklaces wins.

Baby Prediction Banner

Baby showers are a time to celebrate the beginning of a new life and the woman who has nurtured that life for the past eight to nine months. So, if you know someone that is good with photo manipulation, have him take a baby photo of the father of the baby and a baby photo of the mother of the baby and merge them into a prediction of what the baby-to-be will look like. Print the photo out and take it to a copy shop. Have the copy shop enlarge the photo to banner size.

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