How to Help a Husband With Depression
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How to Help a Husband With Depression

Depression is an affliction that affects millions of people worldwide. Often, men are the last ones to accept help or even admit that they are suffering from depression. As a wife you can often recognize the symptoms of depression in your husband even before he does. Once you realize he is depressed, the next step is determining how to help your husband with his depression, particularly if he isn’t willing to accept that he needs help.

Step 1

Understand that depression is an underlying symptom of a larger problem. Your husband might not be willing to go see a medical doctor or even discuss the problem. Sit him down and talk to him about the family and any relationship problems you might be having. If your husband is willing to open up about what is bothering him it could be the first step to getting to the bottom of the issues that are causing his depression.

Step 2

Make a doctor’s appointment for your husband. If he isn’t willing to go see the doctor on his own, make a check-up appointment for him and go with him to see the doctor. Talk to the doctor with your husband about his symptoms, and encourage him to listen to the doctor’s suggestions. There are many depression medications available that can help alleviate your husband’s symptoms. Healthy Places and Help Guide are online sites that can help you understand many of the medications that the doctor might prescribe for your husband’s depression.

Step 3

Sign up for online forums for depression and visit other online resources. Web MD has a plethora of information about depression resources. You can visit these sites, and then engage your husband in visiting these sites with you. Although he may at first balk at the idea, he most likely will find it easier than going to visit an actual therapist or doctor about his depression.

Step 4

Take an online depression screening test. Explain to your husband that an anonymous online test is simply a way of determining if he has the symptoms that lead to a diagnosis of depression. These tests are designed to identify certain traits that are associated with depression and to help you make the decision to see a doctor. Once he realizes that it is anonymous he will be less reluctant to take the test.

Step 5

Plan an intervention. If your husband’s depression worsens, it is important to recognize when it is time to get medical help with or without your husband’s approval. Men are more likely than women to allow depression to linger to the point of suicide. Stay on top of the situation, and let your husband know you love him. Depression can be overcome with time and medication.

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