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How to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant When You Think He Will Be Unhappy

Pregnancy should be the most wonderful time in a woman’s life. However, this is not always the case. There are many pregnancies that occur accidentally and at inconvenient times. Often, the mother-to-be doesn’t know how to tell her husband she is pregnant when she thinks he will be unhappy. If this is your situation, don’t despair. There are some easy and creative ways to tell him the news. Ultimately, no matter his reaction it is important to remain in control of your emotions and keep the health of the baby in mind.

Step 1

Plan carefully. There are bound to be a gamut of emotions running through both you and your husband. If you think he will be unhappy because you are pregnant, prepare yourself for his reaction, which could range from totally negative to one of shock. It may be that he needs a few days to digest the changes that are going to come to your life. This is not an announcement you want to make ‘off the cuff’, particularly if you think he is going to be unhappy. There are many creative ways to tell your husband you are pregnant, Web sites like Just Mommies and Pregnancy and Baby offer many different ways to tell your husband the joyful News. Just Mommies suggests baking a batch of cinnamon buns and as your husband wakes up announce ‘there’s a bun in the oven’. He will most likely get the hint.

Step 2

Write a letter to your husband from the baby. Just Mommies suggest writing in an introductory tone and perhaps including different activities that the baby is anxiously waiting participating in with him. In the letter, you can tell the new father how happy baby is to meet his father and how proud baby is to have a father like him. Either put the letter in your husband’s briefcase or place it with the mail for him to open.

Step 3

Expose your husband to children in different settings. For example, if he is avid sports fan, casually bring up how much fun it would be to teach his own child to play sports. Watch a football game with him and point out he could be teaching his own son to be a star quarterback. When out in public point out families with their children and make sure he notices that you are interested in them as well. Baby Making Machine also suggests volunteering to babysit for a friend and engage your husband’s help with the baby. It might not be the easiest task but it will definitely help set the scene for your impending news. (See Resource for links)

Step 4

Act quickly before someone else finds out and tells your husband before you do. Pregnant women are often easier to spot than you might imagine. They have a glow and of course the baby bump appears sooner than you might think. The one thing you don’t want to have happen is for someone else to announce your bundle of joy before you get a chance. Should this happen he is bound to feel resentment that you didn’t have enough trust in him to tell him yourself. Who knows you might find that he isn’t as unhappy about your pregnancy as you thought he was going to be.

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