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How to Tell That a Guy Is Not That Into You

In the world of dating, it is often hard to tell whether a guy is into you. Men aren’t as open with their feelings as women and sometimes women have to attempt to read the signs to decipher whether the man is into them. If this is your scenario and you aren’t sure whether the guy you met is into you, fear not. There are some signs that will at the very least give you some insight and hopefully keep you from feeling like you are appearing needy. The good news is that most of these signs were revealed by men themselves.

Step 1

Listen to his words when you talk to him. Does he talk a lot about everything or does he struggle to have a conversation. If he is really into you, then having a conversation will be very natural and at times he might even appear to babble on and on about nothing. On the other hand, if he has a hard time finding anything to talk about, it might be that he is just not interested and so he isn’t trying to find anything to talk about.

Step 2

Watch his body language. If he is really into you, he will constantly want to be near you or you will catch him smiling at you for no reason. Leaning closer in to be near you when in groups and placing his arms protectively around you are signs he is definitely into you. However, if he distances himself from you when walking or leaves gaps between you and him when you are in groups, he might be silently telling you that he is just not that into you.

Step 3

Read what other men are saying about being into a woman. Blogs and forums by men are a revealing way to find out what to look for when trying to find out if he is into you. Justin’s Blog and Girls Ask Guys both reveal multiple ways to tell if a guy is into you. Take these tips and compare them with your guy. Some of the most popular are that he teases you, converses with you openly (sometimes babbling), includes you in social functions, gives you compliments, laughs at your jokes, desires to spend time with you and makes plans to do so. If you can’t identify with any of these, then your guy is most likely not into you.

Step 4

Take online quizzes to find out whether he is into you. While you might at first find it silly and pubescent, some of the questions asked on the quizzes are worth considering. For example, if you answer no when asked does he return your calls, then you can pretty well determine that he isn’t that into you as a girlfriend and just doesn’t know how to outright tell you.

Step 5

Take a look at yourself. If you have to question yourself constantly, wondering whether he is into you, then he most likely isn’t and he most likely isn’t worth sweating over. Give yourself a break, dust off your stilettos and go find someone who is into you.

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