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Dangers in Dating

Dating is a way to get to know someone more intimately; however, it is not always safe. There are risks associated with dating that can affect any person, especially inexperienced and unsuspecting individuals. At times, even the people you thought you already knew may not turn out to be who you thought they were. It is important to safeguard yourself before you make any mistakes that can lead to a lot of regrets.

Date Rape

Date rape is a violation of a person’s will and trust. It is also a crime. Date rape happens when a boy or a man uses physical threats or violence to force a woman or girl into having sex. The victims can also be boys or men, but it is more prevalent with women or girls because they are more vulnerable and physically weaker.

There are so-called date-rape drugs that one can put in a drink of an unsuspecting person. These drugs impair the ability of the one drinking it to refuse or fight back. Some date-rape drugs can also make people agree or go along with the act; however, once they come to their senses, they do not remember what happened or how it all happened. It is advisable not to leave or turn your back from your drinks. You should be the one to prepare or get your drinks to prevent this from happening.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

A date that leads to unprotected sex has many risks. Contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and many others can happen during unprotected sex. Using protection such as condoms can help prevent transmissions of these types of infections and diseases.

Unplanned Pregnancy

Another risk with unprotected sex while dating is unplanned pregnancy. Parenthood is a big step in a relationship. It is something that should be well-planned and agreed upon by both parties. Both parties need to be mentally, physically, psychologically and financially stable in order to provide a healthy environment for the child.

Illegal Drugs

A date becomes dangerous when a person forces his or her date to take illegal drugs. In order to gain acceptance and feel loved by the other person, one can easily agree to do something illegal for fear of rejection. Taking illegal drugs can be addictive and can ruin one’s health and reputation.


Unsuspecting individuals may fall prey to thieves, robbers, kidnappers or other types of criminals. Blind dates or dating someone you’ve only met through online social networking may lead you into the hands of predators. Young girls may become victims of sexual predators or pedophiles who pretend to be trustworthy, but then turn out to be corrupt.

It is dangerous when a date leads to an abusive relationship. People may feel trapped when their dates become physically and mentally abusive. This type of relationship can lead to serious problems such as stalking after breaking up, threats and bodily harm, which can sometimes escalate to murder or a crime of passion.

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