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Online Dating Red Flags

Online dating is becoming an increasingly appealing way to meet new people. Skip the expensive drinks and get right into the important questions all in a safe atmosphere. Who could ask for anything more? But no matter how well you screen your dates, there are still a lot of creeps lurking in cyber land. Recognizing common red flags will help protect your heart, wallet and life from these less than chivalrous chaps.

Avoidance and Lies

Anonymity in online dating can be both good and bad. This setting, while considered safe, breeds lies and deceit, making it crucially important to read between the lines when using an online dating website. If your new email buddy has a nasty habit of joking about every serious question, be on the lookout. This type of avoidance may mean he has something to hide. For instance, if he has your phone number but will not give you his, there is a good chance that you are his dirty little secret. Furthermore, it is also important to search for inconsistencies. For example, if he claims to have graduated in 1997 but keeps referring to ’80s songs when reminiscing about his high school days, your boy may be stretching the truth about his age. Lies like this may be trivial for you, but it is hard to trust someone who builds a relationship on lies.

No Picture

He claims that the cute puppy is his childhood pet or the scenic landscape picture describes his poetic soul. Maybe that default avatar is just a sign that he’s too busy to change it or just not that vain. What a keeper you’ve found! Unfortunately, this may not be the case. Relationship expert Jag Carreo of the Huffington Post claims that normal-looking single men have no reason to hide. Long story short, someone without a picture is more likely to be married than someone with a picture.

Moving Too Quickly

It is nice when someone is enthusiastic about meeting you in person; however, there is a line. If your gentleman caller wants to meet after the first time you talk, wants to meet in private or is pushing for sexual conversations, you may be paired with the wrong fellow. Occasionally a pushy man may even be a danger. To avoid putting yourself in a sticky situation always meet new friends in a public setting and refuse to slip out of public view before getting to know him better.


While most online dating red flags are on the obvious side, research psychologist John M. Grohol warns of a different issue. He claims that no matter how charming people may try to be online, their true personalities almost always shine through. So when your guy begins to say mean and belittling things about a friend, co-worker or roommate, it may be a sign of things to come. If he talks this way about his friends, you must ask yourself how he would treat a girlfriend.

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