How to Tease Your Guy
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How to Tease Your Guy

Teasing is an art that has been around for centuries and varies according to the level of the relationship. Teasing can be fun, flirty and a huge turn-on for your guy but you also have to know how far to carry the teasing if you aren’t ready to go full throttle. On the other hand, if you are in a sexual relationship or are getting ready to be, teasing your guy can get him fired up and more than ready for a long, romantic night. The biggest difference is in knowing how far to take the teasing and when to stop.

Step 1

Know the difference between playful, sexual teasing and hurtful teasing. Guys like to be teased, it turns them on, and, according to Psychology Today, can bring couples closer together. It is, however, an often misunderstood behavior and can lead to hurt. For example, teasing a man about his receding hairline might be innocent at first and he might even laugh; however, if the teasing is continued it can be taken as insulting. You should watch for signs of irritability if you are teasing him and sense he isn’t finding it amusing.

Step 2

Smile at him. Guys like a girl’s smile. This is a perfect tease for the beginning relationship. Smile often and occasionally as you smile turn away to leave him wondering what you might have been thinking about. If your relationship has gone beyond the simple smile, add a slow lick of your lips to the smile as you stare intently at him for a long minute. He will get the hint.

Step 3

Use body language. A simple touch that appears accidental. The way you stand or glance at him are great ways to tease him. If you’re out in public and having drinks, dip your finger in your drink and sip it off, watch his reaction and you’ll know he gets the message.

Step 4

Bend over in front of him. This works particularly well if you happen to be wearing a skirt. A Cosmopolitan magazine article points out that most men are visually motivated and the sight of you bent over is bound to get his hormones going. Make sure you do this as if you have no idea he’s looking. This also works really well if you are drying your hair wearing only your jeans and a bra. You will definitely get more than one look. Cosmo also suggests that while out in public, perhaps at dinner, caress his leg as high up as you can without being obvious to others around you. These tips should only be used if you plan on following through, as they are definitely going to light his fire.

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