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10 Ways to Get Your Man Back

After a painful break-up you may feel lost and alone. All you want is to get him back. This is enough to drive some women to stalking. However, relationship counselor Dr. Ellen Kreidman suggests quite the opposite. If you really want to get your man back it is time to play cool.

Ignore Him

Despite the fact that you want to run into his arms, he will respond best to being ignored. When he calls, don’t answer. Wait a day or two to get back to him. Remember, you don’t need him and he should know it.

Act Happy

Gloom and doom is not a good look on anyone. Forget the fact that your heart is ripping in two and slap on a cheery demeanor. He will begin to wonder why he let you go.

Be Fun

When he comes to pick up his Xbox let him catch you playing it. When he suggests lunch you suggest skydiving. Be that fun girl that any man would love to be with.

Embrace Independence

When your man sees you taking control of your own life he will see that you do not need him. Act like you have already gotten over him. If he still has feelings for you this will drive him crazy.

Draw Him In

Now that you have laid the foundation it is time to bring him to you. Suggest casual friendly meetings. The more often he hangs out with you, the happy, independent, fun girl, the more he will want to be with you.

Be Mysterious

Predictability is often a driving force in break-ups. This means you have to keep your man on his toes to get him back. Plan to meet then call 10 minutes before and reschedule. When he gets ready to leave, hurry him out like you are too busy for him.

Keep it Light

Snot nosed sobbing and constant questioning of your relationship is not exactly an aphrodisiac to a man. Be in the present and leave the heavier topics for a more intimate moment.

Deny Sex

Do not find yourself in the friends with benefits category. That is a hole you will never crawl out of. Denying sex will keep him wanting it and will make the reunion all the more special.


Men love beautiful women. Since your man was with you he probably thinks you are gorgeous. Unfortunately, as time goes by you may have dressed down and skipped the makeup a few times. Now that you may lose him it is time to bring out your inner vixen. Refuse to let him see you in that comfortable state he grew accustomed too.


To get your man back you have to stroke his ego. Let him know how good he looks. Touch him gently right where you know it drives him crazy. Talk in that wispy bedroom voice that only he knows. He will not be able to resist you if you play it just right.

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