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Neck Wrinkles Exercises

As you grow older the skin losses elasticity, causing more wrinkles to appear on the face and neck. Things like sun, chemicals, environmental contaminants and even smoking, can cause skin to age and wrinkles to appear. Neck wrinkles, commonly called turkey neck, are one of the main signs of aging, and once you get them, they’re not going away. The good news is, there are some exercises you can do to help hide them.

Jawline Stretch

The jawline stretch is a simple exercise that can be done from a seated position. The objective of the exercise is to stretch out the skin on the neck by pinching some of the neck skin and then tilting your head back, pulling against your fingers. Do this ten times and increase the number of repetitions as your neck becomes stronger.

Head Lifts

This exercise requires lying on your back on the bed and then doing an easy head lift, bringing your chin up towards your torso. This will help stretch out and strengthen the front muscles of the neck. If you haven’t exercised your neck much, this may be a little more difficult than a simple sitting exercise. Don’t push too hard at first. Five repetitions to start things off will do. You can elevate the amount of repetitions as you become more familiar with the exercise.

Facial Chew

The face, neck and throat all seem to take the brunt of aging wrinkles. Because of this, it’s good to have a few facial exercises in your arsenal of wrinkle removers as well. One such exercise, the facial chew, can be done from the sitting position. Simply tilt your head back until you are looking at the ceiling and then begin a chewing motion. Repeat this 20 times and you’ll feel a definite working of the muscles in the face, throat and neck. From this same looking-at-the-ceiling position you can also do kissing motions and puckers with the lips.

Preventative Solutions

Beyond exercising, you can help prevent neck wrinkles by drinking plenty of water, eating a well-balanced diet, using good sitting posture and keeping your chin up and using a rich wrinkle cream at night.

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