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Summer Hair Colors & Styles

Summer hair styles should be comfortable, easy and relaxed, whether you have long or short hair. They also need to stand up to high heat and humidity and keep your hair healthy in the sun, saltwater and chlorine. Summer color should be shiny and vibrant, never dry and frizzy. Look fresh, stylish and your best with a new style for those summer months.

Summer Color

Many women opt for a lighter, sun-kissed look for summer. Highlights are one option, but choose a tone that suits your hair color. Blonds might opt for platinum, but brunettes might try a warm coppery tone. Strawberry shades work well with red hair. Go with subtle highlights for a hint of sun or bolder ones for a beachier look. If you would rather not add highlights, consider a demi-permanent gloss treatment to add shine and vitality to your hair for summer.

Waves and Texture

Create a summery look with hair of any length instantly by adding waves or texture to your hair. Make waves in long hair by curling 3-inch chunks of hair around a small-to medium-barrel curling iron. Release the hair and run your fingers through the waves to break them up. For a more casual look, loosely braid the hair into several braids when damp. Allow your hair to dry and break up the braids with your fingers. Use texturizing sprays or putties on longer or shorter hair to add a relaxed summer look.


Unfortunately, hot weather can make longer hair uncomfortable. Easy updos are key to looking good and staying cool in the summer. Create a relaxed half updo on chin-length or longer hair by teasing the crown of the hair, then twisting back each side and pinning behind the ear. Make your basic ponytail a bit more special by adding a bit of volume at the front. Secure your hair into a high ponytail, leaving the front of the hair hanging free. Backcomb the front of your hair for volume and secure it to the ponytail by wrapping both with a clear hair elastic. Basic braids, chignons, headbands and scarves can all help to keep your hair looking good in the heat.

Our Best Tip:

Talk to a professional hair stylist. When it comes to changing your hair color, it’s best to get it done right. Hiding your hair can be very difficult…especially when you read the do-it-at-home box wrong and your hair is a deep shade of purple!

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