How to Design Your Own Perfume Bottle
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How to Design Your Own Perfume Bottle

A great deal of marketing potential of a perfume can be found in the bottle. The shape, color and design of each bottle promotes the mood and idea behind that particular perfume scent. Designing a perfume bottle entails some careful thought and a clear understanding of what you want your perfume to say to the world.

Step 1

Write down some of the key themes you want your perfume related to. If it is kicky and light, seductive and heavy, romantic and sweet, you need to write it down and describe a few scenarios that the scent brings to mind.

Step 2

Choose a price range that you believe you are willing to spend on your bottles and labels. Consider the final price you will be asking for the perfume itself and incorporate that into the price range of the bottle.

Step 3

Go to local department store or perfumery and check out the bottles. Open the test bottles and compare the scent to the shape and design of the container it is in. Get an idea about whether you agree with those choices and write down a few ideas about what shape, size and color you want your bottles to be.

Step 4

Contact wholesale perfume bottle companies to discuss delivery times, shipping costs and minimum purchase requirements. The Best Bottles website and the Alicia Alyia website are examples of companies that sell empty perfume bottles and atomizers in bulk quantities.

Step 5

Choose the bottle that best suits your needs. Bear in mind whether you want a smooth finish so you can glue a label and logo on the bottle, or if you want a rough finish and will attach a decorative card announcing the perfume. Design the logo and color scheme you want associated with your perfume. Check to be sure it will fit on the bottle design you have chosen. Order an initial small quantity to check the shipping speed and accuracy. Once it arrives, fill several with your perfume and give to friends. Ask them for their opinion about whether the bottle sends the right message regarding the perfume’s scent. If so order as needed.

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