The Easiest Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy
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The Easiest Ways to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Those nine months were bliss. Eating whatever foods your body craved and steadily gaining weight, with the excuse of that growing little baby. Now that he is out, you no longer have that belly to hide behind. Now it’s time to shed that weight you loving added. Fortunately, a number of motherhood activities help those pounds come right off.


The old adage about breastfeeding helping you lose weight may be true. According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, breastfeeding moms dedicate 500 calories making milk each day for an average eating baby. That’s quite a workout each day. The U.S. Department of Agriculture claims that breastfeeding moms tend to lose their pregnancy weight faster than those who don’t, thanks to those 500 calories. However, your body needs nutrients and those calories to create the milk. Avoid a crash diet that could inhibit your ability to produce milk and breastfeed.


That weighty bundle that you released from your body can help you continue to lose weight as he grows. As your body tones in reaction to carrying him, he will grow, challenging and producing muscles in you. Bond with your baby as you carry him, during your chores around the house or errands around town. Place him in a sling, pouch or carrying pack. Use him as a little weight to help you burn more calories as you wash dishes, vacuum, haul laundry, cook dinner and scrub floors.


Those coos and cries warm your heart, but after a while, you are going to long for a little adult conversation. An easy, painless way to exercise is to indulge in some adult socialization. Jogger strollers make it easy to strap your baby in safely and heading out for a walk. A few times a week, grab a friend or two and plan a morning or afternoon walk. Even when you are tired, you will still attend just for that conversation. You can keep one another accountable to your goals and share tips and encouragement.


Crash diets are the worst way to go when trying to lose baby weight. You could become discouraged and indulge in even more goodies. Your baby, your mammary glands and your healing body all need a steady diet of nutrients. If you eat healthy food and exercise regularly, you can expect those pounds to shed off by the six month of your baby’s life. Focus on being healthy and not pushing those pounds off prematurely.

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