Eyebrow Beauty Tips
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Eyebrow Beauty Tips

Eyebrows may not seem like a big deal in the realm of looking beautiful, but they are. Many people underestimate how important eyebrows are to your looks, says Dr. Grant Koher of the Jernigan’s Hair Replacement Clinic. Eyebrows frame your face, draw attention to your eyes and provide a means of non-verbal communication. If you have ever seen someone that looked a little odd, but you could not quite figure out why, it may have been because of missing, sparse or strangely shaped eyebrows.

Eyebrow Tweezing

The best time to tweeze your eyebrows is right after your shower or bath, according to the Free Beauty Tips website. You should pluck out the hairs that are between your eyebrows and any stragglers, but never pluck out the hairs above your eyebrows. If you have unwanted brow hair above your brows, it is better to wax. Plucking above your brows could give you a fuzzy look. Avoid over-plucking your brows, too. The way to tell what to pluck is to hold a pencil up from the side of your nose. Your eyebrow should begin at the pencil’s outside edge. To find out where the arch should be, take the pencil and move it diagonally, bisecting your eye’s pupil. Hold the pencil to the outside of your eye to determine where your brow should end. When you are done, comb the hairs up and trim any long ones.

Eyebrow Color

If you have light hair, it looks best if your eyebrows are two shades darker than your hair color. If you have dark hair, your eyebrows should match your hair color. They should never be lighter than your hair. Redheads can go with a honey-brown shade for day and a dark brown shade for night, according to the Cover Girl website.

Filling in Brows

If your brows are sparse, you can fill them in with eyebrow pencil or powder. If you use a pencil, you can define the arch by drawing a line along the upper edge of the eyebrow, according to the Free Beauty Tips website. For powder, dip a slanted brow brush into the powder and brush in the direction of the hairs. Fill in any patches with the powder, but avoid going above or below the brow.

Growing Eyebrows Back In

If you have over-waxed or over-plucked your brows, you can get the hair to grow back faster by putting olive oil or vitamin E oil on your eyebrows at night. You don’t have to wash it off. You can also massage your eyebrows with a toothbrush to help stimulate growth, according to the Beauty Secrets 101 website.

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