Family, Love and DWTS
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Family, Love and DWTS

What a fun show last Monday night was!  I loved the new circular stage, but it was like starting over for the dancers.  I was holding my breath during rehearsals, hoping no one would be dropped or fall of the stage! I loved the romance of acoustic night and watching the Rumbas made me want to dance again. 

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My Aunt and Uncle were visiting from the East Coast this weekend and they are HUGE DWTS fans.  Coming to a show was actually on my Auntie’s Bucket List, and we checked it off last night. They got to experience their favorite show (despite me being the host) from a front row seat and were amazed at how different the ballroom looks in person. 

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While my relatives were in our home this weekend, they were blown away by the chaos, and what it takes to manage 4 children.  I had 10 people in my house. You can imagine the breakfast scene! My aunt complimented me on how I was managing the family and all my kids.  She also raised 4 children, but she was a stay at home mom (that may be harder!).  I was thinking of the emotional management that it takes to raise a family.  I wish I had more patience and more time for each of my children.  They all need so much at their tender ages.  I wish I could give them all undivided attention and find the perfect words to share to comfort and satisfy their needs.  While I’m dreaming, I may as well admit that I would also like an emotional manager for my own erratic feelings!  Imagine if there was someone who knew just what to say and how to ease your mind at any time. 

I’m working hard to teach my kids how to express themselves.  I am constantly telling Shaya to use his words and not his body to say how he feels.  I tell my big girls to ask me for what they need, not to assume I am a mind reader.  Rain seems to be conquering communication at the age of 3 ½.  She is always blowing me away.  After watching a sibling fight amongst her older sisters, she pointed to a photo of them arm in arm and said, “I wish you both could be like that”.  It was bitter sweet, but it made her sisters think. 

Rain’s best line the other day to me was…..

“You are the best Mommy I ever had!” – No need to dissect that one. I took it in with a huge hug and kiss.

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